Freelance Bahasa Indonesia teacher at Surabaya

Hi guys,

I am a native Surabayan, and in this forum I am eager to make money as Bahasa Indonesia teacher, sure in leisure time and introduce you to "Suroboyoan" chat for you expatriates to familiar with our culture well.

we have many traditions especially in food, culture that differs from other regions in Indonesia. some good, some bad like yours honestly but still this is my beloved Surabaya.

so, if you a need a native speaker of "Suroboyoan" or just a man to drive you anywhere in this city (eventhough I don't know very well haha) just don't hesitate to call me or ping me in blackberry.

just welcome to Surabaya...;)

nb : I am also a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, so it would be nice to meet the engineers from another countries to share with

Hi and welcome to tatok!

Maybe you should consider posting an advert in the Surabaya jobs section.
It might help!


Thank for your advise Armand ;)


I am a recently arrived Indian expat moved from Halifax, Canada to Surabaya. Will be here for 3 years.

Looking for a Bahasa teacher as I want to learn the language for work and leisure.


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