Cotacachi? Pros and Cons?

My wife and I are thinking about traveling to Cotacachi to visit and possibly move this fall.  I don't see much about the city on this forum.  Can anyone who has first hand knowledge of Cotacachi give me pros and cons?  Thanks in advance.

Hello sghamel and welcome to!

Hope that other members will soon share their experience with you.;)

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I've only visited Cotacachi a few times- never lived there- but it seems like a great little town. The only con I see is that it's a very small town, but some are looking for that. There are some people who live in Cotacachi on the Ecuador Expats forum on Facebook.

Thank You for the welcome.  I am hoping we can get a lot of good info before we travel.

We are looking for a small town, tired of the rat race.  Also trying to find a reasonably priced location.  We are thinking we can just travel from there since the new airport is not far.  Thanks for the input.

You'll probably need to make your way to the North bus terminal Carcelen from the airport where they run buses to Otavalo every 15 or 20 min. From Otavalo  you can get a taxi  to Cotacachi .

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