Postal Service, Lawyers Etc.

Hello again
Thanks very much to the answers i got to other questions that i posted awhile back, i have just another 3 if anyone fancies helping me out.

1. Is the postal service any good ?, as when we move out we will need all our personal items forwarded on to us.

2.Have had mixed views on whether we need a lawyer for the purchase of the property, as the agent we have had viewings with said as long as we had the legal form ( i cannot for the life of me remember what he called it ) as too rightful owner etc then we need not bother with a lawyer.

3. Is the Bulgarian banking service getting any better as regards online banking is concerned ( direct debits etc ) ? would we be able to transfer from a UK bank to a Bulgarian bank via online transactions.

Thanks very much for any help that you may be able to give us.


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