Where to buy Organic cotton in Indonesia? the best would be Bali.

I am trying to produce some clothes and bed sheets in Bali this summer, but have a very hard time to find organic cotton! Is there anyone who knows if it is possible to buy it in Bali or othe rplaces in Indonesia? I would be happy for all tips:)

Hmm, have you read this article? … rment.html

The old adage, “what goes around comes around” comes to mind and I find it ironic that while the best kain ever made in Indonesia, (unarguably being the fine batik tulis of Java), they were historically made from cotton imported from the southern US States via the merchants of the Dutch East Indies.

The indigenous cotton of Indonesia simply does not lend itself to the fine weave and soft silk like quality which is most desired.  This accounts for the rather rough texture of tribal textiles such as the famed ikats of Nusa Tenggara and Kalimantan.

You can purchase organic cotton from a company called Pt. Indorama, located in Purwakarta, Jawa Barat.

Hello! I am looking to source quality large format cotton fabric  -  as big as 3 m x 2.5 m for production in Java.  I need small quantity at first so minimums need to be fairly low.
Any leads?  Thanks!

could you try to open this local cotton industry … chive.html


Does anyone know where to buy the best quality organic cotton? Preferably a factory who can make a design that I supply?

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