Hi there, my name is Max from Malaysia. Well, mandarin or chinese is my mother tongue but I am fluent in english both written and spoken. We could exchange languages if you wish to.

Btw, I will be visiting to Jakarta on 14-18 March 2013 and I hope to meet a local/foreign friend to hang out with and to give me some tips/advices about places of interest, foods, cultural events and etc. I hope to hear from you again soon.


Hi Max!

Welcome to!


Hi Soulit

there are so much place to visit in Jakarta, depends on what kind of place that you like the most:)

Hi Armand, thank you for your message :)

Hi Anggara, thank you for your email.

It will be my first trip to Jakarta, so dont know much about the city. But I think it should be fine as I can google up a little bit on places of interest. If you do have any tips/advices on interesting or must-see places, I am happy to hear from you again :)

Hi Soulit, if you do not mind, please see it is completely free information about Greater Jakarta

Hi, thanks for the info. Will check it out later. :)

hi, welcome Max:)


I'll send you some contacts from this forum who would be glad to help you.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay!


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