Link to open youtube


with this link u can open youtube


Hi Hamid,

Just tried it and it works...
10x for the link.

yes you can do it
you can check here in this site
or you can directly from here

take care :cool:
bye :D

you just need to change your DNS for the IP to and and then you can see youtube

That's right. Enter that DNS in your network properties and you are fine. If you have a router then enter that DNS into your router..

Windows vista keeps giving me that DNS address is invalid

Are you using WiMax connection? If, yes.. Then it won't work!

can someone help me by telling me how to enter dns server to my router

hamid2010 :


with this link u can open youtube


if it're awesome mate !!!

i take that back, i just read that it won't work on all the proxy server etc. won't work...
damn "youtube", you got me hooked !!!

yes www excellent unblock works but now youtube is unbelievably slow that i give up on using it.  can i double check,the dns doesn't work with wimax?

i want to open you tube inlibya

[Shakes head in disbelief]

The DNS settings do work on all sorts of connections, including WIMAX, ADSL, Dial up...whatever you've got!

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