Hello from an expat in Yangon

what type of business are you engaged in?

Hi Becky,

I am living and working in Bangkok and I am in negotiation for a job with Major retail Company in Yangon,

I am a person who like to Socialize and meet new people and I found Bangkok a very good place for that , so now i am in confusion to take this new job or not

can you advise  how is the social networking life in Yangon ?  Special for Single people apart from those tricky  bars in clubs of Yangon


Hello Becky,
My name is David.  I read that you have been living in Myanmar.  I'm Canadian and have been living in China for the past 18 years.  I plan to travel to Myanmar next week and would ask are you still in Myanmar?  If so could I ask for travel advice to Bagan, Mndalay and Heho (Inle)? The two travel agencies in Yangon who said they would help haven't replied to me even though we have mutual Burmese friends.
Many thakks for reading this and I look forard to your reply.
David Fieldman

Hello fdawei and sengar.saurabh85,

Please note that this thread is quite old, from 2013 and Becky has not been active on the forum since that year. You might not get any answers from her. You can however participate on the more recent threads found on the Myanmar forum.

Shaazia Team

Hello Shaazia,
Many thanks for your m,essage and advice.  I have already contacted someone who will be travelling to Myanmar.
Regards from Beijing,

Looking for someone to stay in my apartment whilst away on mission from 1-18 April 2015. The apartment is located at Pearl Centre, Kabar Aye Pagoda street, fully furnished, with internet connection and satellite TV.  Two bedrooms will be available for use as I will move my stuff into the third bedroom. Can prepare own food, a supermarket is available in the basement, massage shops, bakery, restaurants all available in the building. Transport not a problem as there are lots of taxis on the ground floor, and passing by taxis in kabar aye pagoda street.


Thanks for your post - I found it really useful and it gives a flavour of life in Myanmar. I'm beginning to build a picture of what life is like in the country now, but I'm still unsure about things like telecommunications; is internet becoming widely available yet and can I hope to have reasonable internet speed at my apartment? Being able to skype call my friends and family around the room is important for me. I'm close to accepting a teaching position but I'm unsure about some of these specifics and how they might impact on my daily life.



Hello Jon,

I've been in Myanmr for some time.  Skype works, and is unblocked.  The Internet is shaky, meaning the download speed is slow, it sometimes cuts out when you are in the middle of a download or sending something. The best Internet service in Yangon is in the Shangri-La Hotel, but you have to order a drink in their lobby bar. However, their Internet passworkd is good for only one hour.
Most hotels and coffee bars have Internet, but it takes patience while waiting for the reasons mentioned above.

Regards and enjoy your life here.  You will be pleased with the environment, cultutre, food and the many things to discover about this amazing country.

I return to Beijing tomorrow where I've been living for the past 18 years.  However, I plan to return to Yangon in May,  Please keep in touch so we meet then.

Good luck in your teaching assignment.


Thanks for getting in touch David and for your positive message.
Best wishes,

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Hi Becky, a friend of ours living in Yangon suggested your site. We are looking for a 3 week work/stay opportunity for a 19 year old girl this summer. Do you know of any organizations or schools etc. That may be a resource? Thank you!

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Hi Becky

Do you know if there's any writers' group in Yangon? I would be happy to join one. Thanks in advance for contacts.

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I am considering moving to the south, as far down as Dawai. Do you know any blogs for that area?
Thanks, Carol

Hi Becky

I am a Singaporean and I was working in the garment and textile industry for over 20 years in many offshore countries.  My last was in Cambodia. With this much of knowledge, I was actually having the thought of teaching merchandising in Myanmar since this country is looking at a high potential growth in this industry but I believed the locals lack the knowledge to help them execute their work efficiently.

I haven't been to Myanmar and not sure if it's workable and where I can head to.  If you do have any info to share, pls feel free to write.  Thanks.


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