New to it all...

Hey there all,

I'm just posting for some friendly advice, I've been to bali and indonesia 6times but always to travel and surf, so I've always short term rented etc. This is my first time on a KITAS. I've just taken a job in Kuta for the fore seeable future and need to get a pad and a bike etc.

Im wanting to buy a second hand bike privately rather than from a dealer and I would also like to get a place in or near Canggu, do you have any advice?

Company's to contact or people, and or some kind of round robin style magazine for Expats for buying things etc!?

Would be great to even meet a couple of people living in Bali that fancy being welcoming! I know its not hard to make friends in Bali but it would be nice to maybe meet a few like minded, young people doing similar things and living permanently.

I fully understand if you dont have the time to reply, anything would be helpful many thanks,



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