making Kitas?

Can you share your experience in making Kitas?


I need detail information about business and making kitas for my boy friend who want to move and doing business i bali..


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Hi Venn,

Since you are in Bandung now but will be moving with your boyfriend at some point to Bali, it might be best to stop by Kantor Imigrasi on Jalan Surapati and discuss the specifics of you and your boyfriends plans with one of the officers there.  At least that will be a good start.

If would like to make a kitas (in indonesian spoken kipem) as temporary residents in Bali we can take care of it at the local district office, usually spend the cost about 100 thousand rupiah for 3 months and then after it expires you can extend it again
So easy right?

KITAS stands for Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas, or temporary stay permit card.  I’ve never heard of it referred to as kipem, nor have I ever heard of a 3 month KITAS…rather they are either 6, 12 or 24 months.  They cost a lot more than 100,000 IDR even when applied for directly through an Indonesian immigration office and unless recently changed, the fees are 6 month, 350k, 12 month 700k and 12 month 1.2 million. 

“So easy right?” 

I guess so.  If you make stuff up as you go along it can all be quite simple.

So Rizky, what’s the name of your licensed visa agent business?

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