Does Kurdistan (KRG) of iraq allow Bangladeshi Skill Workers

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My name is Minhaz. Recently i got a job in Kurdistan,(sulaymaniyah) region. But from some block i came to know that there is some blocking/ban for Bangladeshi workers in Kurdistan. I am a computer engineer. I have completed my graduation in computer science & engineering. Now my query is, Is there any restriction to issue Job Visas for Bangladeshi skill workers in Kurdistan. I will be grateful if anybody help me by providing the information.

It is noted that employer company name is AsiaCell which is a very reputed in Kurdistan & its a mobile company. Currently i am also working in the 2nd largest mobile company (Company Name is banglalink) in bangladesh as a IT Engineer.

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As far as i have collected data If AirCell manage VISA, U can go there. After getting VISA, u have to do Manpower which take 5000tk
in Bangladesh. No one in Bangladesh will keep u stop going to
IRAQ when u got VISA from AirCell. So wait for aircell visa.

Its their duty to manage visa. Whether kurdistan authority give them visa or not.. its kurdistand Headache. We dont have to worry. If they fail to manage visda, u will not go. Its simple. Kurdistan is safe. I Heared it. I am taking with another operator as structural designer with 9000USD salary and others. Waiting for Visa. My cell 8801556331582.

Ask aircell the following clause to fulfill.
1) Any unwanted life threaten situation of security in Iraq, Aircell should arrange proper safety + procedure to leave iraq (This the top most urgent issue for my family approval of my leaving Bangladesh). This should clearly mentioned in offer letter.

2) In the Job Description --> Responsibilities: No site visit can be done by me.

3) Basic Salary XXXXXX/- USD Per month.

4) Aircell must  have to provide : Return Flight/6 month + leave, Graduate Engineering Work Visa (Not Visit visa), Medical Insurance+Cost+Renewal, Transportation
(No allowance), Accommodation.

5) Notice period for Canceling/Leaving job for Aircell/Me should be 1 month. though I leave the job before contract period aircell should arrange return flight + other procedures for me.

Plain fair is almost 3000usd return flight from bangladesh to iraq. remember this.

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