Knowledge is power

I've been living in Indonesia for over a decade, if you're looking for trusty informations please contact me.



Hi Manu,

could you please share your experience on the forum ?

It will definitely help a lot of people ;)



Knowledge is indeed power Manuel, and on this forum it’s shared by a lot of folks who have lived on Bali a lot longer than 10 years.  The best part though, is that they share their knowledge here for free!

Sorry for late reply.

Julien: I will share my experience soon!
At the moment I'm a bit busy.

Ubidian: Sure and it's great!
Unfortunately, I'm convinced, that in some cases, as a forum is structured,
create more confusion than bring clarity.
Especially for those who seek a precise objective response.
I'm not running any company, I'm just an individual who has decided to share his experience with certain fields, in a direct way.
During all these years, after many trial and error and a lot of money wasted, I realized that I had a huge body of knowledge that could help a lot of people do not make the same mistakes and go for their own true path.

As you well know, in Indonesia, objective knowledge and a circle of people to whom trust worth more of everything and it's the base to create something stable.

I do not do it for money, I'm not here to get rich.
Indonesia is been very good to me I can't complain!

Hope to hear from you,
Thanks for read me.

PS: Forgive my english is not perfect!

Fair enough Manuel, but you should also understand that there are several other posters on this forum who bring "precise objective response" in their postings as well. ;)


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