Im originally from Italy, I've been living in Indonesia for over five years.

Im here for help those who need informations.

5 or 10? Your other post says a decade. What do you do in Bali?

Also noticing that discrepancy, I wondered the same thing Luke…is it 5 or is it 10?

Manuel runs a visa agent/consulting business on Bali, the URL is in his profile.

hmmmm, perhaps if I need any help in Bali better I speak to you, someone uncertain of how long they have been somewhere not always the best bet.

Ubidian and lukereg:

Sorry I was not clear and fast, I did not think this forum was so 'on.

I lived in Indonesia for 10 years, the first five stable in Bali, the rest between Lombok and Sumbawa.

At the time I returned to Italy for a few months, and here it snows, the snow had not seen for many years.

Semoga sukses

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