i want to find part-time job in belgrad

I am a university student from Ghana studying Bachelor of science in Agriculture.Hopefully ,I will visit Belgrad for an internship and will like to get a part-time job.

Hi everybody,

Iam working as an expat for more then 2 years for a multinational company in New Belgrade. We are looking for italian, dutch, turkish, english, german, spanish and czech , polish speakers. Preferably native or close to native. Contact me if you are intrested.
I just found this yesterday and I love it. Congrats.

Livi, I am from Novi Sad, Teacher of English as a second language. What company are you working for and are there any job openings at the moment? :)

Hello guys > you should post your advert in the jobs in Belgrade section. Thank you

Sorry Christine,

will do that. have a nice day.


I have seen your job-related post.
I am s Spanish l teacher (B.A), fluent in English and Russian.
Could you give some info about these companies.

Many thanks, Marina

Hiiii, Livi75, Im living in Belgrade and I graduated in Spanish language and hispanic literature. I'm fluent in both English and Spanish. I have C1 in both. U can give me some contact so we could get in touch?

Veliki pozdrav,

hi, i have seen your post thanks,i am fluent in english,in spanish and finnish pre-intermediate so mother tongue Turkish, could u give me a contact e-mail or phone for get in touch.(and  my mobile +381 621687043) thanks



Is this position still open? I hope so!!! :-)

I am a native turkish speaker and I am fluent in english and Italian. I can also communicate in basic Spanish...

I look forward to hearing from you...

My email is edogan[at]

Hi evren,

Can you please give more details about the kind of job you are looking for, this might help to guide you through your search. :)

Thank you,


Hi David,

Thanks for your reply.

Currently I am working as an import executive as well as handling all the admin type of work of the company. I can work in the foreign trade area (both operation and sales) or as a personal assistant. I also have free lance translation experience.

I look forward to hearing from you :-)


I am also very much interested for the job.
I am Serbian citizen but I lived in Italy for almost 20 years so I speak Italian fluently too.

I am an American Citizen living here in Serbia and I am a native English speaker would you be willing to accept my CV?

And is possible could you let me know what positions you are looking to fill?

I also just obtained Serbian citizenship this year so I am 100% legal to work here.

Thank you
D Snay

Hi,are there any positions available for a native English speaker? My German knowledge is basic (A1). Afrikaans (similar to Dutch) is my 2nd language.


can I have more information? I am Lithuanian/Italian native speaker, with fluent English, and good knowledge of Russian.

Thank you in advance!

Hi juratukas,

Looking for a job? Please post an advert in the Jobs in Belgrade section, with details of your qualifications and skills according to the job selected. this might surely help. Thank you! :)



Expat-blog team

I am a Nigeria moving to serbia with a Tourist visa, how do i get a job there and also extend my visa?

Hi Livi.
I am Serbian but I used to live in Czech Republic for almost 20 years. I speak czech, english and serbian.
I am back in Belgrade, looking for a job.
Do you still have info for position with Czech language?

Doing four months in Belgrade and need some part time job

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