Pakistani Expatriates living in KL

Hi Guys!

I am considering a move to Kuala Lumpur this month. I would appreciate some advice.


nice to know that pakistanis in Malaysia do care about each other mashallah allah keeps us all like that helping each other be the best & honest towards each other pakistan zindabad.

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i will see when i arrived

Any pakistani girls here?

Well I know a few.

Omar Salim :

Well I know a few.

My name is maha. I'm new in KL. Actually its been few months but i have got no friends.
I never see any pakistani girls here. If u know any, could u introduce me?

main pakistan se hoon aur mujhe kuala lampur main job ki zaroorat hai mujhe mobile aur computer ke baare main kaafi knowlege hai

:D  bolain

salam bhai kaise ho ?

i want job in kuala lampur

shobikk :

i want job in kuala lampur

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Thank you.

Asalam-o-Alikum to all!

Good to see lots of Pakistanis here! :)
I am from Karachi, working in Shah Alam and staying in Subang Jaya.
I also want to be a part of Pakistani Community. Is this community physically exists? I mean meetups or gatherings etc...?


Hi fayzan,

I am Snigdha from India, I went through your posts and came to know that you are here from  long time. I need an advice if you can.
My husband got job in Malaysia for a long term purpose with accommodation and all. I am an IT professional in testing from 5 yrs. As I have to also move Malaysia just wanted to know how is the IT market over there for a dependent visa holder, can i get a job there or not? of-course depends on my skill set but just want to know what are the possibility to get jobs.

Hi Snigdha,

Welcome to Malaysia! :)
I found that IT is one the profession which is in demand in Malaysia (as in most of the parts of the world), specially for programming jobs. As i see there are high chances that you get a job. But obviously as you mentioned it depends on your past experience and skills, because the IT market is very competent here.

Btw... best of luck!

Thanks a lot for your quick response.

Could you please suggest me something about dependent work permit visa? How can I get an employment pass and  what are the rules to follow for it. If you know in case.

Snigdhap - you just ask your husbands company to process it for you once his is sorted out. Or if they wont, then approach a reputable company to do it for you. No drama. If you get a job, as mentioned on another posting, you just get it endorsed with the right to work. Simple.

Its the same rule for endorsement or employment pass i.e. RM5 k per month salary minimum. Personally, I think it is better to be under an individual employment pass, as companies are scared to take on spouses. 

So get on your bike and look for a job and then you can get your immigration sorted. Where there is a will there is a way. You have niche experience, and now have to be a big girl and max it out.

Gravitas, Thanks again!!

Yes the dependent visa will be processed through my husband's company only. But as they mentioned we have to pay for that. Even that's fine. But I was asking once i reached out Malaysia and started search for a job will that dependent visa work as a WP for me. or when any company hired/considered me, again they have to file for my employment visa?

Also do you have any idea if Malaysian IT companies will consider my resume when I will search for a job with holding a dependent visa?

You need to do the footwork yourself through the links you have already seen.

No a dependent visa is not a work permit (employment pass) but if you get a job offer of RM5k or more it can either be endorsed i.e. a stamp is put on it and "Right to Work" is added.  Otherwise just ask the company to provide an employment pass for you in your own right - nothing to do with your husband's employment.

You will have to work hard to get work. It will not just arrive at your doorstep.

The process if you get a job offer is to cancel your dependent pass and then apply for an employment pass. That is why it is very worthwhile to max out contacting companies and organisations to see if you can get work before you apply for a dependent pass (especially if you are paying for it yourself). There are jobs in software testing avaiable, just Google.

@snigdha: Once you get the job your employer will provide you new visa (employment pass) and your dependent visa will be transferred into it. Visa transfer is not a big thing. I haven't seen cases for transferring dependent visa to work visa, but i have know cases of student visa transferred to work visa... its not a big issue.


Hi Pakistani Friends. I am coming to Kuala Lumpur. who help me getting job? 12 years experience in HR. Last job left as Senior HR Manager in KARACHI EXPORT PROCESSING FREE ZONE. MA Diplomacy and Strategice Studies from university of the punjab lahore.

Hello Friends..

I am Maha Mehmood and I want to move from Pakistan with my Husband...

We both are searching jobs in forign country I need help at which country we can easily move and can get job easily...
I will be very thank ful to all of your guidance. ..


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hi how are you

Hello Dear I am pakistani living in Uk and like to have you as my good friend,if you like and want me your friend do reply me telling ,what you de,which part of Malasyia Y R.If you like one nephew is there as well & if you like call him I will send you his Phone Number when you reply to me.  Yusuf.H.kishtwari

Hello Atif Ji I saw you on Internet and am pleased to know rhat you want to help two family member who wants to work in Malasyia. Well my nephew is there [Moderated] Thank you so much.  Yusuf.H.Kishtwari  I am waiting for your reply.

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Hello All group pakistani  NGO (Non -Profit- Organization) Malaysia
we need staff male-femail   (pakistani)
send me your resume with picture

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Hello dear country men and women, how are you all. I'm coming to KL this Monday. So how is the local pakistani networking there for hangouts and travelling opportunities?


i will be landing on coming October, and will be staying in a hotel for month, i have to look for a job, i have almost 17 years of working experience in Pakistan and UAE, in different industries being multi-tasker,

what are my chances to get a job there?

where should i look for a job in which city an honest opinion will be appreciated,


Salam guys My name is Farooq i am from lahore pakistan i have finished my 2nd degree of graduation from Segi uni kl now a days i am looking for job my specialization is in Accounts.bussiness administration and managment plz advice accordingly thanks

Good luck farooq i hope u can get a job easly
Which is malaysia is difficult and also the visa matters but just pray for it 😊

Hi Everyone,

I am Yousaf from Lahore. I am in Malaysia since 8 years working with Lenovo R&D. Would like to get in touch with people from my country.


My name is Iqbal. Me too would like to connect to my country peoples special from Lahore. my whatsapp number is *** will wait your msg.

Kind regards,

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Assalam Alaikum Everyone, I am a Software Engineer, working in PJ for the past 8 months. Basically from Islamabad. Is there anyone having same domain in common.

Walykom Salam,
I am from Lahore but unfortunately I am not in same field. I am an Architect.
We can connect on whatsapp if you like. I am always looking friends from any field.
my number is +***

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