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My name is Manuela and I am Swiss/American. I am planning on heading to Marrakesh in mid-February to study French for 3 - 4 months. I was wondering if anyone knows of a school, besides Institute Francais, that offers French classes, or of any teacher that my provide private classes?

Also, if you have any information on appartment rentals/sharing appartments, that would be great.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Manuela,

I have moved the discussion on the Marrakech forum.

Have you tried the Marrakesh classifieds.

Good luck

Hi Manuela
I am english living and working in Marrakech, I too am looking for french classes - I have found a teacher to give part time lessons let me know if your interested we could perhaps share the expense. I guess it depends if you want full time lessons....

I am writing from Valencia, Spain, I am planning in spending some time in Marrakech this August.
Could anyone share the information of a frech teacher.
Thank you

I see there is a lot of demand for French classes. Has anyone found a private teacher who they can recommend as I am also trying to learn French and it would be useful if someone has a name of a reliable teacher as some of us may be able to get together and have joint lessons to reduce the cost.



did anyone find a tutor? I would like to spend a month or two in Marrakech at the start of next year and would be grateful for any recommendations.

Thank you

Hello elliecol and welcome to!

Why don't you start a new post on the Marrakech forum?



if you would like to improuve your french, i give courses for beginners.
For more informations please contact me by mail.


Hi everybody

This is to let you know that i am available in Marrakech to give you French courses at home ( a domicile).
I am Mohamed Agrtene, a 25 years old Moroccan guy, I am living in Marrakech at the mean time.
I have graduated with my B.A in English Studies, and i am preparing my M.A degree in ''Linguistics and Advanced English Studies'' at the University of Caddi Ayyad, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences.
I am a multilingual person, I speak Amazigh, Dialectal Arabic, Standard Arabic, French, and English fluently and respectively.
I love teaching and learning languages, teaching has been my favourite and admirable job ever. I am calm, tranquil and patient person. I love to imbue people especially beginners with self-confidence and create an easy appropriate learning environment that would best suit all enthused language learners.
I look forward to speaking with you and meet you to discuss the possibilities for better compromises which must suit all of us.

Best regards
Mohamed Agrtene

Hi Mohamed,

You should post this ad in the Marrakech classifieds > classes section. Thank you.

can you let me know what you found, i also need to learn french too re apartments tahts easy enough

Hi Manuela!

I'm facing your same problem at the moment...I would like to spend all August in Marrakesh studying french.
Did you find any school?
I'm also available for sharing a private professor with a group of students.
Please let me know!I will appreciate any information you can give me!


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