Volleyball Teams in Singapore

Hello all, there is a spiking camp on the January 17-18th at ACSI  instructed by professional Olympic player David Mckienzie. contact me for more info

Hi, I am looking for a volleyball players who can play indoor/outdoor every sunday. If you are interested please sms me

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Hey all!

Jennifer here, is this still available? Because I am interested to join too! Please message me if available thanks

Hello all good day!

We have a game this coming Saturday 7march and is in need of more players. Guys and girls. With or without experience welcomed. Please contact me via my phone number if interested
Thanks! See you😋

Check out Volleyballers Meet up Group on Meetup

i am looking for the player for volleyball

Location in ANg mo kio ( Outdoor)

hi,who is help me?beacouse i want join in volly ball can i joined...but im studying in from srilanka....plz help me?

can i join?

hello looking for mens volleyball player..

Sadeepa Sasanga: This thread was inactive for a year, so it is unlikely that you will get an answer. But if you are studying in Singapore, you can check your university or school's sports activities - maybe there is a Volleyball club? Other than that, look in Facebook and Meetup for applicable groups, or ask at nearby Community Clubs and sports facilities.

dont have a school sports sir,beacouse i want join in volley ball team..please help me sir

can i join with youre team mom....please help me....i have a 7 years expirians

sadeepa sasanga :

can i join with youre team mom....please help me....i have a 7 years expirians

If you want tpo jpoin your mom's team, you need to ask her.
Otherwise please follow the advise I gave above.
I don't know how else we can help you here - we don't have any Volleyball team!

Sadeepa, if you are so eager to play Volleyball and part of a team in Singapore.

Then check this below link of a Volleyball team  and contact them: … 275023096/

Will be moving to singapore. Love volleyball and used to be in a varsity volleyball team. Any teams or groups play volleyball?

Hai :) i have seen you post regarding Volleyball...  can i join you people ?  im not that bad player

I'm new to SG, looking for a regular team to play and train. Any information?
Thanks a lot.

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