Heavy rain in Mauritius


we were informed this morning that all public services would closed in the country, then companies were recommended to send their employees back home because of the heavy rain.

Why didn't the meteorologic services inform the population yesterday that problems may occur today?

How much does it cost to shutdown the whole country ?

... and is it still raining on your side of the island ? It hasn't been raining in Port Louis for the last 2 hours

Hi Julien,

It stopped raining in Mont Choisy about two hours ago.  As far as I know the roads and houses in Triolet were very flooded this morning at about 10 a.m.  It reminds me of Ireland.  Two days of rain and the Country closes down.



hi the meteo service in mauritius seems still to be outdated and not even we get the propability correct but the population is misguided about weather

We had no idea things were cancelled until one of our parents called us at around 6:45am. They, in turn, had heard it from another parent who heard the announcement on the radio. Unfortunately, with nearly all of the radio content in French, it's hard for us English speakers to keep on top of developments. And with the local newspaper web sites woefully out of date (they're usually showing yesterday's news well into the morning), it's doubly difficult to keep informed.

In the end, we checked with the police emergency line and they confirmed the closures. After that, it was text messages, emails and phone calls to the parents giving them the bad news. All of which was especially frustrating since today was the start day for nine new students! :(

BTW, most of the central plateau region remained relatively dry throughout the day. We had some rain overnight, but by late afternoon the sun was peeking through. So while some areas may have in fact been hit hard, from where we're sitting in Phoenix the whole thing feels like a bit of an overreaction.

Better safe than sorry, I guess... :)

Randall C. Kennedy, Director
American International Academy

are things back to normal tomorrow?

I stand corrected: Half of Port Louis looks to be underwater. The photos of flooded streets and stalled vehicles are quite striking. Our best wishes to those who were affected by the deluge.

Randall C. Kennedy, Director
American International Academy

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