Pantai Indah Kapuk

Hey guys, I am moving to Jakarta at the end of June and was curious about the area called "Pantai Indah Kapuk." Does anyone know anything about this place? I can't find much.

Floods alot and has bad traffic problems which sort of sums up the whole of the city.
It is very close to Pluit in the north and the airport. Mainly chinese area and a lot of bars and restaurants opening. Taxis not easy to get hold of depending in which part of PIK you are in.

pretty nice area, property is very expensive there, there's a lot of restaurants and bars there after 6 p.m.

for me..if i were you...

i will find another place than PIK...

1. flood...
2. bad traffic..well every where in Jakarta have the same problem..but i think that area is one of the worst...
3. thinking about bar and restaurant...there's lotta things like that every where in Jakarta...hehehehe's only my cheap idea..

Hello Accurmi, I'm April. I've been worked at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. It's nice place to live. There is no flood, well traffic (via toll-road), so many cafe, bank, karaoke, gyms, swimming pool, etc. You don't have to worry to live there.
A place what aabie ryan said is "Pluit" near Pantai Indah Kapuk. To reach PIK can through Pluit or toll-road Airport-PIK

i work inside PIK area, it will be nice if you work and stay there too, so no need to drive outside, no traffic, no flood but everything is pretty expensive there and yes one that i don't like about this area , the weather is so hot (because closed with the sea) and less tree :)

Pantai Indah Kapuk..

is strategically located in the north end of Jakarta, near the great waduk pluit,. where the main river came pouring down from bogor highland,. but some of us will settle for the yearly flood that may rise.. its hot during the summer. polluted salty water.,

i have no idea why anybody would want to stay there.,
Go to selatan,. South Jakarta,. the best lifestyle city in the region.

its a 30 minutes - 1 hour drive to the airport though (if no traffic jam)

I am looking for help getting a package I mailed from the USA to Pantai returned to me. I have the local phone number and called it, but whoever answered doesn't speak English. nyone game to call them for me to request they return the package to me? I can supply a tracking number. This is an eBay sale that wasn't delivered.
Many thanks,

Hello there malcomn,

I'm currently living in Pantai Indah kapuk as well.
I have tried receiving parcels and letters from overseas.
Mainly from Japan, Korea. Recently i have ordered a package from the US as well.

The problem is that it takes them very very long for you to receive the anything from overseas.
It was estimated by them that i can receive a parcel from korea for just a week,
but on the other hand, it always take a month or more.

Sometimes they might even tear a hole to see what's inside.

I hope you receive your package by now.
if not, you might want to wait a little longer :/

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