Short Term Rentals in Cebu City

All right I can help you. Most of pension house in Cebu with a very small room is about 650 to 750 a night with electric fan no aircon. Are you planning to stay for 2 months? If I find a place I will let you know ill ask my friend if they now a place that suit your budget :-) happy to help you guys

Kind of you, Cherylann. Thanks.
I will be spending most of my time with a mission  group on Mindoro but will have to escape now and then to 'reality' and will need a clean, safe place to stay in Cebu for a few days at a time during the 2-3 months I'm in Philippines. If you can suggest a place, I would value your advice. My email is xxx

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All right no worries.. :-) I'll keep you update

Hi Cherylann
Is your house towards Danao? and available Jan 8 to Mar 8 ?

Wow reading some of the prices to for rental's they are as much if not more than I would be in a capital city in Australia, and I mean in the city area it self.

I think that the Philippines is just getting to expensive...

When I look at the prices here I always compare it to Australian prices.

You're correct. The 'good times' are over...unless you want to head for the province and adjust to no a/c and dip/pour showers. With governments now printing money toward value extinction so they can maintain their perks, that move might not be a bad idea.

Hi All,

Looking for monthly rental Cebu. Secure, modern 1 or 2 bedroom condo. Approx 30000pm.

Let me know as needing ASAP.

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Once Horizon 101 in Mango Ave. is complete next month, there will be plenty of accommodation on offer.

I'm not sure if this helps at all,,,  ***

I searched the internet and came up with a list of apartments you can rent in Cebu and Mactan,, as when i first came here i found it really hard to find somewhere short term to stay for a decent price

i started in Tune hotel,  think it's now called Red Planet now, then found a apartment on booking for £250 per month where i stayed for a while,,, until i found my longer term apartment

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I'm trying to find accommodation just north of Danao for about 1 to 2 months, end of April until about middle of June, any advise would be appreciated

Why go to the philippines to learn how to speak English?? Pidgin english maybe. They speak the very worst english:) For a while siiiiiir!!! Already. Out of stock. My god it's awful. They get their he's & she's mixed up......

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Not in Cebu but in Bohol I need a room as a base camp for 6month rent

I will be all over Bohol but need somewhere to leave things safely etc while away

My place is in Cebu not Bohol I have condo in Cebu

I have a friend we are living in one subdivision,we are neighbor and it our business to find someone who wants a short stay in the other room of the house...for 100 usd a week...

in our place,,,in mandaue

Johnny5 :


Just getting settled here in Cebu and wanted to offer my thoughts to those planning on coming here on a 1-2 month stay...

I looked around for months online before coming to Cebu for a short term rental and ended up at the Tune Hotel next to Ayala Center....

I learned last year living in Makati (but changing location every few months) that short term rentals can be a hassle...

Most want a one month deposit on top of the monthly rate PLUS charge you for elec/water/cable/internet... this can get extremely pricey... especially if you pay for an internet contract then need to break it before the end of the term (12 months)...

Also, if you are working with a Realtor, they don't make much money on a one-month rental and therefore won't likely give you much of their time... If you deal with an owner direct... be careful as the deposit can be a sticky issue and they may try to withhold it... Also, they have 60 days after you move out (as per standard lease agreement) to get you the deposit... and some will try to wait the full 60 days hoping you will forget or have left the country and can't collect...

I ended up staying at Tune because it's proximity to Ayala Center and they give a monthly fee inclusive of water/elec/cable/internet with no damage deposit... The rooms are small but clean... and their monthly rate is approx. 32,000

Anyone know of any other short term rentals like this?



Hello Johnny5,

Your monthly are of  32,000 is whoopingly expensive. I am Filipino born and raised and I am living in a two storey,, 2 bedroom apartment for 8,000. If you want to stay here for long, and your not that picky on your room, try searching for apartments not hotels. Anyway hope these links can help you. … 94e61&cl=1 … dce45&cl=1 … 79766&cl=1

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Juan_Pedro :

Your monthly are of  32,000 is whoopingly expensive. I am Filipino born and raised and I am living in a two storey,, 2 bedroom apartment for 8,000. If you want to stay here for long, and your not that picky on your room, try searching for apartments not hotels. Anyway hope these links can help you. … 1&cl=1 … 5&cl=1 … 6&cl=1

Don't get your hopes too high with what's on rentpad though. Landlords I've found there are real underhanded - make Saigon landlords look like paragons of honesty and transparency. :)

They'll lowball their "Rental fee", but when you go to book, there is by the way the so and so "condo dues", and all the utilities - water, electricity, cable, internet - are extra and open-ended how much they will cost. None of that is mentioned in the ad.

All that extra stuff works out to be about 15% extra, at least.
Try to prove when you go to check out that you didn't use 5$ in water a day, or that the electricity rate shouldn't be twice what the electric company charges! :D

It's par for the course dishonesty of "doing business" in Phili, but makes the inclusive hotel costs not such a bad deal after all.

Hello I have come across the thread while searching a monthly rental in Cebu. Do you have the apt available from 3 november for a month? Or any suggestions? Thank you

20,000 pesos per month for one room? I rent a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom condo with swimming pool, etc. For that amount.

Great you let me know how good you rent but that is no help

Might be of help if you are considering paying 20,000 pesos per month for a room.

For what you might pay for rent in Manila is no different than anywhere else in the world.  In Manila, rents can vary from a few thousand pesos to over 40,000 pesos a month for a studio or 1 bedroom suite.   Some studio suites are shabby, without air-con and infested with cockroaches, and others are clean, freshly painted, with a view, split air-con and so forth.  So hunting for a suite by price is only one factor to consider.  Best advice is to go look at what you get for a given amount of pesos and where exactly is the location?   Is it Paco or is it Rockwell? 
This forum has answers that are all over the map, so to make any sense, we first must first zero in on a reasonably precise location!

Sure, so where is that? And they accept a month?

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