Planning to relocate to Barbados

Hello everyone,

I am hoping to relocate to Barbados, but need to know who I can get work. My background is HR. Please, I need advice.

Hello erhuvbu.

Welcome to! :)

In meantime, you could post an advert in te Jobs in Barbados section. It could help.

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If you are not a Barbadian don't even thknk about it unless you have an employer and a work permit.

Work permits are difficult and expensive to get for in demand professions for things like HR the local market is well supplied.

Best advice - get the job sorted out first and the long term work permit - typically takes 6-7 months!

There are short term permits for less than a year, they should take 4-6 weeks but can take as long as the long term ones.

If you have the right to work here - get a job first - this can be an expensive place to live and the recession is really starting to bite here so jobs are hard to find without personal contacts.

Thanks for the advice.

Thank you Aurelie :)

You won't get a work permit . They want you there as a tourist but not on a permanent basis . Don't bother

Thank you Davla15. Do you work in Barbados?

No I am retired but my wife wanted to work but could not get a work permit
As the company you are applying to for a job has to prove to the immigration that no Bajan can do that job . Then the company has to apply for the work permit . Having spoken to different people about this you are basically wasting your time .

Thank you very much for the info. I really appreciate you taking out time to respond.

The job market is just so tight and aggressive and so to have an increased chance of getting employment, I decided to apply for work any and everywhere.

I wish you the best of luck with everything and I hope your wife is able to get all she needs too.


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