looking to live in europe for 3 - 6 months

Hey, my graduation from college is approaching soon, and I would really like to get out of the states for a few months afterwards. I really want to live (and work hopefully) in Europe, preferably Switzerland, Sweden or Iceland, but am not limited to these countries. I will be 28 and have a bachelors degree in elementary and special ed. I have done some research into these countries online but only found that it may be harder then i expected to do this.

If anyone has any information, or suggestions it would help alot.

Thank you

oh and I only speak English

Did you go to these countries embassies to find out more about the visa procedures?

no I haven't, but I will

thank you

It is probably the best way to start. Getting papers for switzerland might be a bit more complicated, but I am not sure ...

Well, if you were from an EU country you could - theoretically - work in any of them. Otherwise, don't count on working legally - and even black market jobs would be hard to come by due to the influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe. But as a native English speaker with education credentials you might try to place ads in large dailies for an au-pair job with English conversation. Someone might want to be sure kids are taken care of during school vacations, if they can't take that much time off from work themselves. Be prepare to lose weight - food is expensive.
They are all pretty expensive countries. The least expensive of them would be Sweden and if you go there in summer, when students are on vacation, you might get a furnished study or a one bedroom apartment second hand from students who go home for the summer and would like to make some money.  I have no idea where to find ads in English - in Swedish you can find them in any local or national newspaper on line. You will have no trouble being understood there with English only.

Hi Shrimp,

I don't know about the other countries but in Scandinavia it is difficult to find a job if you only have bachelor degree. Most of the "decent" jobs require master degree at least since it is integrated in the education system, like when you go to university you will study for 5 years and graduate with a master degree in hand so usually most of the companies expect the students to have master degree in hand. This is for hard "sciences" like engineering, business and so on. But then again since you have a degree in social science, things may be different.

......and even though I don't mean to discourage you it is quite difficult to hold on with your English only unless you have a really high qualification that they want. Most of the companies will want you to master / at least understand the local language.
Hope that gives you an idea how it is here in Europe

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