Apostille Australia police certificate in Buenos Aires

Hello everyone,

I am new to Argentina and this forum as well.

Anyone here knows about apostille Australian document in Buenos


Millions thanks in advance.

Yup, get your docs Apostilled in Aus legally with your embassy and then send the origonals fully registered post of course to BAires to get done also, then when you get them returned, get them resent to a registered School of Translators in BAires to be translated and sent back to you. You will need a police clearence certificate throughout this process which is a pain in the do dars. And you can skip some of the back and forwards nonesense if you have a friend in BAires willing to play postie!

Be careful of people wanting to rip your eyes out ..... like anything DO all the research yourself, don't post on a message board expecting answers, mine is the best and most accurate you will get



Following link can explain information about applying for PPC in Australia.

PCC Australia

Hola! I'm a certified translator and I'm a member of the School of Certified Translators in Buenos Aires. So, if you still need help finding out more about these proceedings, please, feel free to contact me.


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