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Need one more help , as few of you know that Im about to move to Bahrain ( with my previous discussions :) ) , can some one help me to spot few budget cargo services from India to Bahrain , i want to transfer around 40-50 KG of household stuffs from India to Bahrain.

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Check out the following services:

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Check out the following services:

Hi brightonguy ,
Thanks for your quick response , as expected most of these are offering other way around i.e. from Bahrain to India , if im asking quotation for India to Bahrain its really costing big money( 1800 GBP for 30 KG) , most of the things im planning to send are my books few essential kitchen items , kids things etc.. so its really not worth with them , any budget one would be better.
I think our Indian friends on this forum may have better Idea about this.

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akhil004, you can try find somebody who is going to trip from India to Bahrain soon and ask them to give you a favor and help with your cargo. I believe that most on-line cargo services a not very cheap.

From India to Bahrain you only get 20kg of luggage allowance (30kg from Bahrain to India) also it is an illegal offence to carry stuff for someone else. India is a big place too. I fly to Kochi on the 7th but could still be miles away.

Personally if you are in India at the moment why don't you post on the Indian forum and also use the internet tools like Google etc. I'm sure they will know better than us.

For a small shipment like yours you could try India Post, DHL, Aramex etc but it will still cost a lot. You will also need to adhere to the Bahrain laws about what you can and can't bring into the country. There is a list on the Aramex website or google prohibited goods Bahrain.

Here is a link to Bahrain customs which will help with the restricted items … VrVTk%253D

lol .. i understand what is allowed and whats not , i tried to Google it too but my main concern is price , if i send a cargo of 30 KG from Bahrain to India it cost hardly 100 USD however other way around is around 6 times , what i am trying to find is if there is any budget cargo service which deals with expat relocation and can help me with reasonable amount.

Try the India forum for more local knowledge

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You can consult our partner as well for a free quote : ;)

Here is the India forum.

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try to get the best quotes from the most reliable logistics companies for end to end execution and status update

The best and cheapest courier service from India to Bahrain is from Indian Post Office. I've sent couple of times 20 Kg parcels and it costed only upto Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3400, whereas in dhl the cost of transporting just 1kg amounts to so much. Ensure you go to the post office which has international courier facility. Most of the big ones do. I sent mine from West Tambaram post office, Chennai. You might have to bring a cardboard box along with you and have to pack it before them.  Also take some A4 aize print outs of the From and To address. The parcel is delivered to Bahrain Post Office (in my case Muharaq post office) and we have to go and collect it. I could send books, kitchen utensils, clothes. … ulate.aspx … cking.aspx … IS9nQSEh/#

NOTE: this was a very old post you just replied to, anyways thanks for info.

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