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The person I interviewed with was the foreigner you mentioned, who is a the co-owner, I believe. He certainly didn't hide his anger or creepiness behind anything in my interview. I'm sort of grateful he didn't, to be honest, as I've never seen more overt red flags during an interview before.

Hi all,

I worked for Brainworks Total School, the secondary school branch near Zawana junction, for a year, 2015-16. It has been the worst school I have been so far.

The students are adorable, cant complain about them, but the school staff is terrible. I cant say they are bad people but really overstressed and unproffesional. The worst is the Human Resources Manager at that time, Mr Bob Albright I think was his name. He is the responsible to hire and "attend" the western teachers. Yes, you have read well, for other international teachers, Chinese and Indians, they have other people.

They treat you, and pay you, differently according to your demands and nationality. It doesnt matter how well qualified you are, or your motivation with the students. What matters is how demanding you are and where you are coming from. For example, you wont get paid in the same way if you are Bristish than if you are Italian. You wont be housed in the same kind of conditions if you are a Western teacher than if you are Chinese. I saw some people without any university degree or teaching experience getting better conditions than other who did have them. Needless to say that this situation creates certain degree of mistrust, resentment and arrogance among teachers.

Furthermore, the management staff is generally rude and abusive with the school workers. I cant blame them, it is the system they are used to, but it doesnt excuse them in my opinion to treat us disrespectfully.

Dont expect help to get accomodated: they will just throw you in a house with other teachers, and if something in the house is broken, be patient. It can take months. If you complain about it, you will see the consequences.

Dont expect to work with qualified or passionate teachers. At Brainworks what matters is the appearance that everything goes well and the economical benefits they get from the students. So, if you want to get paid by the end of the months and get no trouble, you just need to follow their instruction like a sheep and give no complaints.

On Thursdays they have the school assembly where the students have to sing and kind of pray. For me that is brainwashing. The students cant refused to take part on that, neither the teachers. Sometimes they will ask you to attend ceremonies or events out of your work schedule.

About money issues, last time I was there, the Myanmar teachers were getting around 300-500$, Indians got 800-1100$, and Westerners 1500-2000$. For Indians and Westerners, the school must provide free accomodation, with water, electricity and gas included. Dont expect to get internet, they tell you to get your own internet phone card.

For me, the money you get is good, but it is not enough for the conditions you are asked to work with. I was getting 250$ in a previous school in Africa, and it was worthier. So, check your priorities before you decide to sign contract with Brainworks Total School.


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