Annulment in Philippines?

Hi,  try Niel Tabbu , look his name on Facebook.. He is the Lawyer of one of my friend.. I think he can handle your problems.Or try  PSLAW Annulment In the Philippines..(Google)Good luck..

Thanks for the info

Hi , im sorry  i think only the lawyer can answer your question.

Hello Bluejewel

Can you please give me the contact details of the attorney you used for your annulment

Thanking you

Bluejewel13 :
Moiramelisse :

The girl can file for annulment. Approx price is 100- 150  k. depending on area where they filed it. She has to find a lawyer with good track record of cases like this. It takes about 2 yrs before judge can decide. Grounds can be psychological incap. Of the husband to assume responsiblity as a father to the kids. Hope this gave you idea re your query.

the decision can be vary. mine was 9mos.other  people that i talk too 9 mos to more than 2 years. it really depends on the court where to file and the lawyers strategies

Hello Bluejewel

Can you please send me the contact details of the attorney who did your annulment in 9 months. Where are they based. Don't mind travelling.

Thanking you

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Re: annulment
my friend and her husband was annuled last Nov 2004. its 11months processing and they spent 150k for appearance in the court. there is a letter shes receiving everymonth for the hearing but shes not coming...and her husband told that its the best thing to do coz it will make the case move faster because shes already UNINTERESTED after 11 months she received a very long letter from the judge...the marriage had been annuled. i think they called it will just pay 150k give testimony once and the case will move on their own,no need to appear on hearing..but its legal.

Hello PO.
Pede pong malaman ang lawyers contact details.THank.

Hello Cedrick,

May I please have the contact details of the attorney.


dazzlingjaney :

I filed my annulment case July 2008 and was granted March 2009.Package prize costs 300K(that includes psychological exam).If a complainant doesn't want the speed up process it would costs 150- 250K. A one time appearance (hearing) was only done and payments done in a 3-time staggard payments...I wouldn't go into details about the proceedings but any interested person who would want the contact info of my lawyer is most welcome.

He is a very good lawyer and an expert on family law (U.P. graduate of law).Any querries and updates regarding your case if you're overseas, he can be able to convey it through online.It is really sad that a divorce law is not yet established here in the Philippines (which in my opinion is far better than annulment). At least with divorce, children's rights are better protected and also the women's(talk about alimony and child support). I think PI's system is still on annulment about dissolution of marriages because "men"(here in the Phils.) would not have the disposition to financially support whatever responsibilities they'd left( Oppps no outrageous reactions pls. just my observation and reality I had experience).Somehow, we women are the one's suffering...but not long enough hopefully a divorce bill be drafted and approved soon!

@ dazzlingjaney, pls share to me details of your lawyer. Thanks!

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