looking for Kick boxing trainer

Dear All,

If you know any good place for private instructor for Kick boxing can you please give me some info on this.


Hello Aboudi.khan.

Maybe you can try to post an advert in the Classes section in the Jeddah classifieds. It could help. ;)

Thank you,

Salam Aboudi.khan,

      In our Dawha Center we do some Karate and Taekwando the place is at the bani malik street near Panda Azizia. We do it by group but in private I'm not sure. If you really prefer Kick Boxing I think theres one place in makarona.....goodluck :)

Hi I am also new here in Jeddah I am doing boxing for fitness and I am also in search for a gym or a training partner maybe we can get sime equipments and self train if we cannot find a gym near by.

Maybe I can help you train we just need to buy stuffs like focus mitts and heavy bag

Hello did u find any for boxing training.. i need some help.. or a partner to sparr with

markdizon :

Maybe I can help you train we just need to buy stuffs like focus mitts and heavy bag

r u able to train.. if so im interested send me a reply asap

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Hi, I realize that this post was a few years back but do you guys perhaps till train over in Bani Malik street?

Kind Regards,


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Text me private massage if u need to learn kickboxing

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i am intrested how can i reach u?

Contact me private

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Where is the Dawa and the classes.

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