The negatives about retiring in Ecuador

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I agree

Health insurance has risen is now 17 % of what was declared as your retirement amount.  It was 78.00 for my husband,, now it is a hell of a lot more.

I think the negative is ultimately, “change”, which is part of an expat life, especially in the developing the world. So an increase in health care cost for IESS members which is a justified correction of previous unsustainable costs is a specific of change. The same is true for people who suffer from currency exchange, like Canadians, that too is a specific of change. There are more specifics such as changing laws, etc.

Change is inevitable whether it is in Ecuador or another country.

there are plenty of rural buildings in the US where they post signs asking you not to flush your toilet paper. Typically either the old pipes are small and easily clogged or the building is on a septic system.

I would think escaping family would be a key motivating factor for such a move.

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