Looking for a Kindergarden in Thessaloniki

I am looking for a kindergarden in Thessaloniki where they speak english and greek.
Do you know any? Please let me know.
Many Thanks

Hello katrinchen.

Welcome to! :)


There is a Kindergarden (Pethikostathmos ) in the city center called Teddy`s they take children from 3yrs to 5yrs old ..
Then there is Anatolia (American school) I think there is a kindergarden class for 4yr olds & elementary school all the way to high school ect..
Pinewood is also an American school here in Thessaloniki but I think that starts with elementary school..

There is a German school here too, sorry don`t know anything about them.. but if you google German school Thessaloniki you should find something...

Anatolia also has a summer program for kids from 4yrs old called Rainbow camp... at the end of June..

many thanks for the info.

Are there any kindergarden or day cars for children in Themi Thessaloniki and surrounding?

Thanks for your help!


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