Canadian Teacher to move to Luanda in July

Hi everyone!  I am Valerie.  I am currently teaching in Calgary, AB, Canada and will be moving to Luanda in July.  I am in the process of looking for a position in Luanda in the field of education, although it seems difficult from online as there are so few schools online from what I can find.

Anyways, I just thought I would say hello to everyone and introduce myself.  I'm also looking to meet some new friends over there for when I move.

Thanks and take care!


Hello Valerie.

Welcome to! :)


Hi Valerie,am a teacher and wanna come to Calgary and teach,any help I will appreciate.

What kind of teaching?
Did you try Luanda Internaional School?
FRench School
Portuguese School
or Universities.

I did try at those schools but I haven't heard anything back yet.  I'm having a hard time finding any other schools online...

Are there any other good places I could be looking that I'm missing?

I'm also interested in NGO work...

Beras, you should send your CV to the Calgary Board of Education--Recruitment.

If you speak Spanish, you will definitely get hired as we have a high demand for Spanish teachers here!

i should be moving to Luanda in next few months.
If I cannot get my 5yr old daughter into school due to waiting list then I may have to hire a teacher.

Hi are there any English teachers currently in Angola?

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