I would like to learn Danish :)

I have been living in Copenhagen for a month now and still find the language barrier to be a bit difficult. I would like to learn more Danish than just how to say basic things and my pronunciation is horrible. Is anyone willing to teach me some Danish in exchange for some language practice in English?

Kristen Leigh

:) I am also on this same stage, but I am attending school and looking someone to help me in reading out test books. It is very hard to translate them at my own, taking too much time. So I am looking someone who can help me please.

Hi Kristen,

Are you taking lessons in Danish yet? I'm taking lessons four times a week at the moment and I luckily have a Danish fiance to practice on so I hope you find a tandem partner soon as it's invaluable! I also supplement my Danish lessons by listening to the radio, watching television and using other online sites such as danskherognu.dk.

I'm not sure where you are located but my language school has a 'sprogkaffe' where volunteers from R°d Kors visit the school and it's so we can practice Danish with them. It's really really helped me, perhaps there might a similar sort of thing near you?

Best of luck!

Hi Kristen,

I am also learning danish language, in a language school (sprogskole as the danish call it) and from websites.

If you don't mind learning from the net, I can give you some of the website links that I'm using, I'm not so sure the rules of this forum about listing links on forum thus feel free to private message me and I would gladly give it to you. The websites are for beginners level ( A1 & A2 level) and best thing about it is that it's free.

And if you can access the danish library, there are plenty of books and some good audio learning softwares which you can borrow for free.

Good luck!

best regards,

Thanks ladies :) I unfortunately dont have a CPR number because I was here for such a short time so I could not take language classes. I would love to see those websites! Ill send you a message.

Can you share with me these links?

Thanks a million

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I would like to learn Danish.

@ Masha and Fonari > Please feel free to post an advert in the Language classes in Copenhagen section, you might find a private tutor soon.


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