Relocating in 12 months: nursing jobs?

I am a 30 year old Registered Nurse. My family and I (husband, 5 year old girl, 6 year old boy) are planning to move to Belize in about a year. As soon as possible, we'd like to become citizens. We plan on driving down in a truck with enough money to support our selves for 12-18 months. Ultimately, I'd like to work again as a nurse. I've been having a hard time finding up-to-date information about working a  nurse. And, I've could conflicting information.

Do we have to be in Belize for 6 or 12 months before we are able to work and apply for citizenship? We plan on renting a home at first. Once I am able to work and I've found a job, then we will buy a home.

Does anyone know anything about working as a nurse in Belize? Will it be hard to find a job?

You will need to live in Belize for 12 months (only leaving the country for 14 days during that year) before applying for permanent residency.  You must live here for five years before applying for citizenship.

You don't have to wait to become a citizen to work, but you do need a work permit. We are retired, so I will have to defer to others on the specifics of obtaining a permit. 

Good luck!

I have no personal experience of applying for a Work Permit myself ( I am applying for entry to the QRP(Qualified Retirement Programme) but do have a friend here that did.

You need to apply at the Labour Dept. Getting an expeditor may speed the process up at a cost. The cost, I believe,feeling is dependant on what you do but most seem to go for a "self employed" permit covers more. You can get a 6 or 12 month permit but it can take up to 8 weeks to get unless you use an expeditor route. This approach will - obviously - increase the cost.

For the application you will need supporting paperwork eg Passport, proof of finances, etc.

First point of call though is the Labour Department.

Good luck.

Have you departed  to Belize yet?   I am a nurse and intend to leave to belize in about 6 months.   Maybe we could drive down in our own family car behind you all. what do you think?

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What have you found out about nursing jobs?  My husband and I would like to relocate to Belize at some point too.  I am a nurse. But....I might be looking at private duty jobs...been a nurse for 38 yrs.....don't want to work in a hospital.

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You can apply for a work permit after 6 months in the country as a visitor. It has to go through the local Labour Dept. for approval. Some people claim to have got their permit a few weeks after applying, others say that their applications were denied.  You need a work permit even to do volunteer work. Like most things here, the rules can vary from case to case.
There is  a local labour dept in most of the large towns, you can get your application forms there and do it yourself. Others hire an expeditor or attorney to do it for them.
You may find that the local hospitals don't pay the types of salaries that you are used to in the US or Canada, so private nursing may be something to consider.

Example of the fees for a work permit:

Work Permit Processing fee for single applicant in Belize City Only   
US $ 900.00

Administrative & Miscellaneous Expenses
(Courier, Telephone, Fax, Photocopy, Stamp, Labour Dept. Fee)   
US $ 200.00

US $ 1100.00

General Sales Tax (12.5% of $1100.00)   
US $ 137.50

Total Due   
US $ 1237.50

Have you moved yet?  We'll be looking for a nurse to take care of my 83 year old mother when we get there...

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Also feel free to create an ad in the Nurse job offers in Belize section. :)

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i am also i nurse and would be looking for private jobs. What would the  average wages be?

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Will do Kenjee, any specific topic area? I was going to put poly clinic on hospitals but when I opened page I did not see a place to post it.

As  a physician, I am considering volunteering my services after relocating there, but my understanding -from Dr Al as well as others- is that it is extremely difficult to get any kind of medical or professional license in Belize, even for volunteer work. As a consequence, I am undecided if I will be able to do that at all. I don't do Facebook, so I am at somewhat of a disadvantage for your post, but thanks. :)

Hi Karen

There are many places here that would love help, just pm me if you need insight as to who to approach volunteer wise.

Here is a list of  some of the bigger clinics and  Hospitals in the country … -hospitals

Thanks. I will be in touch as my plans progress. I appreciate your assistance. I will be in the country this week for about a week, but on other business. I could possibly start the procedure, but not sure if that would beneficial.

You can at least scout out places, make a few connections while here and start the process that way. Have a great trip.

Hi Karenjoe
Have you applied for medical license ?
If not I can give you info about how and where to apply

Hello Spiceman,
I see that you have some information about how to apply for medical licensure for Belize. I would need to do this for my nursing license. Can you please share your knowledge.

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For Medical License you apply to Medical Council of Belize.
office is based in Carl Hustner hospital
Secretary,s name is Mrs White. She is nice when you get her on the phone.
Ph# is 501 223 1548
I do not know if the same people are responsible for Nursing license.
Please note nothing move fast in Belize.

The Spiceman most likely has a whole lot more knowledge in this arena than my self.

For me, I think, for me, I would contact the Ministry of Health.  We need more good qualified Doctors and Nurses here in the country of Belize!  Take is a step further, contact the CEO of the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen or the Minister himself Pablo Marin.  Their contact information is easily acquired through the Ministry of Health in Belize on their Website.    If your talents, education and training are needed here, they will also assist with work permit issues until you become a PR.

I still would check out Spiceman's contacts because, as I stated, he has a better knowledge in this arena than I myself do!

Wishing you all the best!

The Spiceman most likely has a whole lot more knowledge in this arena than my self.

For me, I think, for me, I would contact the Ministry of Health.  We need more good qualified Doctors and Nurses here in the country of Belize!  Take it a step further, contact the CEO of the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen or the Minister himself Pablo Marin.  Their contact information is easily acquired through the Ministry of Health in Belize on their Website.    If your talents, education and training are needed here, they will also assist with work permit issues until you become a PR.

I still would check out Spiceman's contacts because, as I stated, he has a better knowledge in this arena than I myself do!

Wishing you all the best!

Stage 1 of gathering info.. Have never blogged before, so this is a first for me. I've been in healthcare as a ER tech. in SF for 8 yrs, prior to becoming a RN in 2007, since then mostly med/med surge, some ER, BHN and now a "home health" RN, working with the elderly and Love it. I plan on researching thoroughly and getting as much info. as I can before taking an initial trip to get first hand view. I've been to JA., Love it, Nice country, no work there….. Single, no kids, interested in healthcare, other work, if available and possible business opening. any input + or - is helpful, Thanks

your biggest problem is to work in Belize you need a permit not easy, could easily take a year or more to obtain, if you do a job that Belizeans can do. Another problem nurses get very small wages less than 20us$ per DAY and that is a good salary for a senior nurse. While waiting in country to qualify to apply for a work permit, you have to renew your visa every 30 days, first 6 months 25$us per month after that 50$us per month. At the renewal each month you can be asked to show proof that you can afford to stay for the next 30 days, and can be asked to show a return air ticket back to the USA. The hospitals, and medical clinics in Belize are not what you are used to.
Hope this helps you did say +or-.

Thank You very much, As I imagined this is going to take a lot of work, Thanks again > +

Hi... Are you living in Belize? I am looking to hire a nanny/babysitter Fulltime. I have 3 young kids, 5, 2, and and infant.  A nurse would be ideal as they are the ones with patience, love and care for others. Please contact me if you are still looking for a job or know of others that you think would be interested. Thank you.

Wow, no, not living there yet. Yes, I am kind, caring and compassionate as well as Love kids and they love me. Are U living there now, from Belize…..? Lets chat more, I'm interested,

Sorry. Was referring to a female.

Before I give out information, I'd like to make sure this is a valid request.  After all, someone that will be taking care of your most precious, wouldn't you want caution?  I am a RN with, telemetry, ICU, behavioral health and ER experience.  Recent widow (younger-wise, but a grandmother) that is beginning a new life and hope to hear from you.

I realize this is kind of a delayed response.
In reference to medical licensure, I have made the mistake of emailing the Ministry of Health and Pablo Marin more than once, with no response - nada. When I was there last, I had intended to personally go to the Ministry of Health to start the process, but didn't have the opportunity. It is still my intention to do so when I return this spring, and will be one of my main purposes in going. It is just a matter of 'customs' to get this moving here, I believe. Much more success with personal appearances and phone calls. Impersonal communications in Belize are not well received, especially when it comes to significant matters.
Spiceman - we will come by this spring. I will check with you about dates when I have a better idea.

am a nurse and would want to volunteer or work in Belize. any help

you would be lucky to get $5 Bz an hour.  IF you had a work permit that will cost over $2000 a year.

Nursing jobs in Belize. Critical care  RN. Information is much appreciated.

I am not in Health Care, but have friends in the Placencia area who are.  Specifically two Cardiologists.  They have tried to volunteer with local groups and have been shut down by the government.   Tried to get medical license just for volunteering and were shut down.   The government is very protective of jobs for Belizeans and makes it very difficult for outsiders to legally practice.  This is not to say you can't,  just be ready to face the challenges of getting a work permit.

There are two proposals floating around the Placencia area right now for hospitals to be built aimed at medical tourism.  One is through the Placencia Hotel and some info can be found through the hotel website.  the other is a group out of Florida who came in last year and bought land for a 100 bed tourism hospital.  They are supposedly working on financing to build.  That may be two years out but it will be a first class facility in need of staff.  If you are a doctor,  search on line to find the medical tourism hospital, or PM me and I can give you some hints,  they are looking for doctors to invest and be partners/employees.   They will have pull with the government to work out the permit issues.

Spiceman, Dr Al, and myself have had some conversations on this forum related to this in the past, as we are all physicians with an interest in health care in Belize. The consensus is that it is very difficult to get a license to practice medicine in Belize, unless you are affiliated with a University and in Belize with a group of medical professionals doing 'medical mission' type work. I tried to meet with the director of BERT last month while there, but mostly got the cold shoulder. I have not personally tried to get a medcial license in Belize as of yet, but also plan to work pro bono, if it is possible to 'work' at all. I have gotten the impression I might get some 'help' in this endeavor with the right contacts, but unsure at this point. You would think an undeveloped country with poor medical access and few facilities would be anxious to accept any medical assistance at all, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I don't think improving health care is at the top of their priority list. They are too afraid the "gringo doctors" will get rich by taking advantage of the Belizean people.
The only things I could find online related to Placencia was: … rismbelize and also
The first is a dead-end website, and the second seems to be propaganda that is part of part of the "grand scheme" from the Placencia Resort. However, this is not the kind of Medicine I am looking to practice in Belize anyway. I am just interested in doing pro bono work for the people per se, I am not looking for a 'job'.

Hi. That sounds nice, the proposed building of a hospital. And I am almost certain that down the road this may happen. How large a hospital remains in question. Sure there will be a need for medical professionals, but don't get your hopes up, there are some very accomplished Belizeans. I think that sometimes North Americans miss the point. A lot of countries don't want to be Westernised. They are open to opportunity and improvements, but not so much western culture. It seems as though western civilization tends to have an adverse affect on Nature. Good luck in your endeavors though.

I would like to know if any one knows the best way to find a job either private or local hospitals as a nurse. What credentials, and how do I begin the process? I am planning to be in Belize again next month, November and would like to begin the process. I am hoping to relocate there within the next year or sooner

The info that you have isn't that far off. You have to devide what you status will be. Citizen or tourist? Then the visas takes time to get. Check with the Ministeries, best source for the info you really want or need. An attorney could be helpful. That's  all I know. Good luck.

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