fed-up with South africa , concidering New Zealand. Any info?

And the train has not just started up? My sister used to catch it to uni all the time and never had problems....

alana.js :

Rent $150

Here's an example near CC CBD for $130/week:

If you need to share living space, here's one for up to 6 tenants for $950: … =586825303

alana.js :

Power $30 (in winter, less in summer)

Sorry, I have to laugh at that one. Perhaps this was a power bill from 1963?

Given the sorry state of housing quality in NZ as a whole and CC in particular, the typical kiwi home is cold, mouldy, damp and unpleasant.

Many kiwis huddle around a 150w electric bulb or single-element heater with the family or flatmates in the winter wearing a parka and jandals.

Well you sound very resourceful in regards to your shopping bill. If you are a single female though and working hard you really don't want to cook. I love how in cities like New York you can eat out every night for $10. You shouldn't have to budget and make bulk meals - that is my point - as that is how you live when you have a family - and being single and free should have perks!!
So for all those wanting to move to Nz - I would just not read the hype about middle earth and the scenery - its just an expensive little island, completely isolated, an ex-british colony that is being slowly ruined by foreign investment in the name of progress (eg the ugly unitary plan for Auckland - foul),
and the reality is that no matter where you live, it is WHO you are with not WHERE you live that makes or breaks a place.
Go to europe would my sugguestion if you want beauty - OMG I love the old world - not the NEW ugly orc world of high rise monstrosities - which is the plan for NZ under foreign investment.

Lol wombatfred - in winter in christchurch I used to go and sit in my car with the heater on to read my book as it was too cold in the house.
And you didn't post the picture of the state house in grey Lynn that I wouldn't live in if they paid me - sold for $1.5 million.

Plenty of old people cannot afford to have the heater turned on in winter - and in christchurch is gets to minus 10 degrees in winter. Then the labour govt tries to bring in a plan to reduce electricity prices and all the electriciy bosses decry - "No way, I need my 3 million dollar salary to survive"

TAKAPUNA - Resort Style Living - Short Term - Fully FurnishedClifton Road Takapuna
$5,000 per week Enquire about this property

I can't get the photo to show unfortunately but this 3-brm apartment in a nicer suburb of Auckland gives you an indication of what you will pay for a nice clean and modern apartment - $5000 nzd per week. (no I have not added an extra zero - this is 5 thousand dollars per week)
You can view this on website

Alana the trains in Auckland are old noisy things that have been imported from Mongolia I believe - you can't talk on the train as its too noisy. Also they go every hour during the day as opposed to every minute in other 1st world cities such as London.
They break down approx once a month in the year that I have been using them and now my boss at work has asked that employees do not use the train as they frequently cannot get to work on time due to breakdowns and this is costing the company money.

LOL - Auckland should be spelt ORC-Land. The evil eye is the council and the unitary plan.:lol:

jozie :

and the reality is that no matter where you live, it is WHO you are with not WHERE you live that makes or breaks a place.

If that was true then people would hardly ever immigrate to places on a  quest for a better life.

I'm from Jo'burg originally and I've lived in Auckland for several years, and from what you're saying I would definitely advise against moving to New Zealand. At the end of the day it depends what your profession is, but if you're leaving SA for lifestyle or/and financial reasons this definitely isn't the place.

The cost of living is astronomical, the only thing which is cheaper or/and comparable price to SA is broadband connections and the internet. Otherwise you find yourself overpaying for absolutely everything due to the fact NZ is geographically in the middle of nowhere.

As jozie, above mentioned there is no way the majority of people on an average wage can afford to do any more than to hope to cover their costs of living. Things might appear to be cheaper here, if you're doing a conversion (taking salaries etc into account) the cost of everything is ridiculous. A beer and a main at a restaurant is easily going to set you back at least $40. In SA anything over R80 for the same would be pricey. It's not just that though; it's groceries, entertainment and general living costs. NZ is definitely more expensive than South Africa for mid bracket earners.

You will also find you'll miss out on some of the luxuries which some people in SA have become accustomed to. A large house is an unattainable dream unless you're a multimillionaire (a swimming pool even less likely), domestic workers are not financially viable, pay television is awful and expensive - Sky doesn't have half of the channels DSTV has, but far eclipses the cost etc. The thing that gets me though is the service in general lacks the extra bit of care. In SA you know when you're getting a haircut, in a bar etc the service will be top notch, here however it's a different matter. Everything is lazy, and quick. I was back home a few months ago and just mentioned to a friend I needed a shoe horn when I was shopping to try on a pair of shoes, before I knew it, there was a hand held out with a shoe horn in it, accompanied by a beaming smile. Don't expect that away from home.

Basically if you're still considering leaving SA, I'd advise you to go elsewhere. I've also lived in Sydney which is similar, but perhaps more suited to making money, still very expensive mind. NZ is more a place for retirement imo. I know without doubt I'll be back in SA permanently within the next year.

Maraschino I do agree that yes it may be cheaper in sa with some amenities etc however when your house is burgled 3 x in 5 years and the equivelant of 3 months salary in value being stolen and then you are still expected to be greatfull that you and your family are still alive its then that I want to get out to any place that can firstly provide me with safety ( and its not that I live in a rundown or shady area either). I know not everybody in sa is subjected to crime every day but I will bet on it that some form of crime effects each person in sa at least once a year. A main and 2 drinks incl tip in a middle class restaurant for a couple amounts to minimum R 250 minimum which isn't bad however that is 20% of the minimum wage and therefore the majority  of people in sa will not eat out especialy as unemployment is this high. There will be compromises in imigrating  , I love sa and will probably have to give up a lot of luxuries at first when imigrating but I don't want to have children and have them grow up in a country where your land will very soon be taken from you with below market compensation without it being up for sale. My fiance could not be permanently employed for over 2 years becuase of affirmative action despite her being the best performer by miles in her department. I probably sound as if I'm bitter about personal circumstances etc but that isn't the case , I do believe that in 100 years south africa would be a great place to live but we do need to make progress in terms of education for the majority and the goverment should step up policing drastically ( bear in mind that we have the same number of murders as the us and they have 6x the population ). Don't know where we will imigrate to but I do know we can't live here for much longer.

A friend of mine is in aus and is working as a electrician , he has acomplised far more and maintaines a much higher standard of living that would ever have been possible in sa. He could be an exception but is happy there.

Jozi , I definitly don't believe that an average apartment in Aucland will ever be rented at $ 5000 per week , that's  ridiculous and should be a mistake made by the person who placed the add.

According to a recent survey Aucland is the second best city to live in the world in terms of infrastructure and general living conditions , and yes I know that surveys can be very misleading but the highest sa city in the survey was rated 89th.

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Alana, thank you and others for the dialog on costs in NZ. I have wanted to move to Aus or NZ my whole life but have been occupied with living here in the states. Now that I have time and a little savings to make the move it seems it may be unaffordable. I'd hate to tell you my expenses they are so low compared to yours. But that has been my goal, to reduce expenses since I really don't care for the cost having a lot. I plan to come over to check it out for myself but from reading online it doesn't sound too promising.


The grass is not always greener on the other side of the hill.
Australia is very expensive to live in. I pay 42% tax and my salary is by no means that high. 
There is a multi billion dollar development project in our area run by Bechtel and the Americans working there cannot believe how much tax they have to pay in comparison to back home.

NZ taxes are slightly lower but again cost of living is up there.
For cost of living in both countries

Good Day,

You have to take into consideration that Auckland is known for the higher paying jobs and the market there reflects that.
You do know that Auckland is AKA...City of Sails?
Most people in Auckland make enough to live there and they are comfortable.
You can't go there expecting peaches and cream, it like any other country and as for work New Zealand thinks of the people of New Zealand 1st and foremost. So expect to have a bit of rough patch finding work. Your best bet is to secure at least 3 written job offers and if you plan on studying there. You will need to be able support yourself through the term of your studies.
The reason some have a bitter taste of foreigners is that the govt accepts students that have money to spend while they are there, such a family in another country. That puts most Kiwi and natives in a bad spot and their land is being sold out from under them by the govt.
If you respect the people and the native tribes and culture you will be fine.
As I said, just don't get on the bad side of the people they will not kindly to that at all.
You will be taken as intruder to their ways of life.

Good Luck


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Alana - one bus and a train ticket exceeds $20 a day in Auckland from out East to Britomart return using HOP. Buses on their own aren't that much different in price. Your cost of living should not be used as an example when mentioning Auckland. Student prices are slightly cheaper.

Did you ever make it across - would be interested to hear what happened in the three years since.

I would be more appreciate if anyone can  advice me more on how possible I can get job offer under skill inother to process a work visa to go New Zealand

Renier, did you go to NZ?

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