the cheapest cost of living in the caribbean or some where else

Hey there here to the forum. My husbnad and I would like to relocate to the caribbean. This week were started reading up on Puerto Rico.
I would so appreciate any info. Where in your opinion is the most reasonable(cheap) place to move?? We want to go to a place where the dollar value is very good and will stretch.
I also need to travel with my 2 cats. I do not want to quarantine them. I was told that Puerto Rico is more or less the same cost of living as here in LA. The real estate seems pretty cheap so I'm kind confused....
What are your thoughts....sorry for my questions to be so vague.


There is no contest. The cheapest place is the Dominican Republic. Yes it is getting more expensive all the time, but still the best value (housing, food, life style) around.  As an example 4 of us went to dinner last night with 4 drinks (alcohol) 4 soft drinks, soups, entrees  and dessert at a very good and popular Thai rest. and the bill with tax and tip was $60 US.
We sold (yes we are in real estate) two very nice villas in a private community (built to order) with 24/7 security, pools, landscaped yards (about 1000 mtr square) for less then $240K US.
Dogs and cats can be brought in with no problem for a $10 fee and no quarenteen

Bob K

Puerto Rico is not the cheapest place in the Caribbean, but its cost of living seems to be mostly based on San Juan, where at least 1/3 of  Puertoricans live abd which is pretty expensive, even housing. But away from San Juan the prices are lower.
I am moving to Puerto Rico in a month and started blogging about expat life - in Puero Rico and not only, since I have worked in many other countries. I would like to register my blog in's directory, since there is no blog from Puerto Rico here, but don't know how to do it. It must be possible since I see blogs hosted elsewhere in the directory. If you find out more about the positives and negatives of living in PR go visit my blog Merry go round. A retirement travelogue at

I agree that the DR is probably the cheapest --- but it may not be what you mean by the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is under the US flag -- has the same passport, and you can find a cheaper life there. The DR is a wild and wooly -- but ..... you can live well for a lot less.

I agree that most of the price comparison is based in San Juan. SJU can be a very expensive place.

The further away you are, the cheapest it gets.

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