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Hi All - I'm looking to become a member of a gym, but don't really want to visit all the gyms around here to get the idea of a fee for a month. Have already been to Arena and shocked at the 10000kes per month, or 6000 for mon-fri 10-1pm which of course you'd miss the spin classes and other activities. Any other ideas? I find even 6000 a bit high considerin I just want to get on an eliptical and use some machines and free weights.

Hi i think gyms in kenya are over rate & prices tend to be pegged on location. I used these links sometime back, you might find them useful. Let your fingers do the walking :) … ya/Nairobi

Gyms are quite pricey in Nairobi, even in neighborhoods that have no business hiking their prices. I'd advise you to buy your own exercise equipment.

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Yes gyms are prety expensive here.
You can check with gym on woodwale street westlands just before Havana Club. Same side of the road or check with a gym next to westgate mall same compound of Hotel Progressive Park.


i find gym here very expensive, but if u can pay gym at agakahan sports club is really good, year membership is like 25,000-30,000 full gym swimming, they have a huge ground too..

Did you get one?am also looking for a gym and prices are crazy

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If you dont mind travelling a distance try zealous gym in parklands 2nd flour on the building housing nakumatt highrage. I usually pay 12000kshs for 3 months or you can opt to pay 5500 per month it however have no spin classes but has zumba, aerobics and the trainers are very helpful

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