Travel advisory from Manila to Hongkong then Hongkong to Dubai


   I am confused right now, i went for vacation due to some emergency issues in the Philippines. Same time as my visa is under process for its renewal. I went home without my employment visa being stamped on my passport. My employer went to the Phil. Consulare in Dubai and was asked to pay the amount of AED 2,200 for them to attest my papers in the UAE as they said it is for the agency fee as my case was considered as direct hiring. Since the amount is a bit too much, my employer is not willing to pay for it. Instead, they gave me an option in which i dont know if its really possible to do. Since my only problem is going out of the Philippines, they told me to just book a trip going to Hongkong as a tourist with a return ticket, then from Hongkong I can book a trip from Hongkong to Dubai as there is no problem with that as I have my original employment visa with me in my hand.

I just want to know if there is someone from here who had experienced the same scenario? Please help me as I need to go back to Dubai soon... Really appreciate an urgent reply.

Thank u so much!!!

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Hi kabayan, may I know what happened to your trip. I have the same problem as yours, but mine is a lil' bit complicated because I only have a visit visa courtesy from my new employer.

Hi gvgme  I give visit visa of dubai to one my friend but I can't arrange for her affidavit latter so some one give me idea to tell her travel from manilla to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to dubai it's is possible if possible so what is the process pls reply me soon as possible
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well brother u can arrange visa for her from UAE just sponsor her it is very easy but she have to stamp her visas of UAE  & HK (Chinese embassy) from Philippians.she can apply visit visa by her own without any latter but for that she do need a strong bank statement, an employment certificate with a good post from a sound organization.a hotel booking. don't show that she will live with u or any friends if she did she need affidavit from the concerned person.a return ticket.but there is an other way batter then that if u r interested just reply i will tell u.

Hi All,

I want to travel to Dubai using a tourist eVisa that was sent to me by my cousin who invited me to go there. I just printed it together with the ticket.
Since the immigration here is too strict, the travel agency in Dubai where my cousin bought my visa and ticket-advised me to travel from PH-HK first, have a ticket going back and fort plus a hotel reservation so I wont get questioned.
Then after arriving to Hongkong, I will be going to Dubai.
My question is, do I need my Dubai visa to be marked in my passport here in the Philippines before flying to Hongkong?
Please help me, I already spent a lot for this travel. appreciate your help.
Thank you.

My current question and status as well. Has any expert or knowledgeable about this replied to your question Mae? Hope we get answers very soon.

Any update on this post?

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