Cycling in Nairobi


Call Radek (

He has a blog on Expat-Blog 0738 830 444


Hello Binny -> I invite you to recommend this person into the Nairobi Business directory. ;)

Thank you,

Thanks Binny

I did contact him already we do some cycling together over the weekends...

Hi Nim0 how is your weekend cycling going?

from where u get best bike

What is your budget? What kind of bike are you looking for? It is hard to buy anything really good here. Are you interested in second hand? I can help...

Beginner mtb rider here. Looking for weekend rides. :) and as well as shops that has a good selection of mtb gears and accessories.

Beginner MTB rider here, also looking for weekend ride buddies. I stay in lavington.

Hi All, do you know about Kenya_mtb[at]
Many people who are into biking and racing are members, so one can find info about coming events there. I encourage you all to join!

Hi nim0 , we've just moved to Nairobi ... My wife and I .. We stay at riverside as well. Please let me know when you go biking



Is this activity/event still there? would love to join you

Am interested in Joining the cycling on weekend morning. does the event still exist?

Find me.  I  trained a friend in four hours three different days in April.  Now we go cycling around together.
But as said you need guts. plus interest which you do already have

I already know how to cycle. which routes do you usually use?

Also looking for a trainer. If you find one let me know.

If you are around milimani road find me celest sifa on fb

I can train you

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