Pharmacy - tablets!?

just wondered if there was anyone out there - 'in the know' - who micht be able to help me!!

looking for 'Tebinafine' or Griseofulvin' tablets.

ARe they available here in Egypt at all - and if so over the counter, or prescription only?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!!

You can buy in Egypt basically anything without prescription, as long as you have money, the pharmacist will be happy to sell you even methadone.

The medicines you mentioned are fungicide. They are sold over the counter. If those brands from Novartis are not available, just ask for any other anti-fungal tablets.

Some people complain of the effectiveness of medicines produces in Egypt. Unfortunately even branded medicine, let's say from Bayer, are made with cheaper ingredients than those made in the EU. So you might find that the aspirin or antibiotic one bought abroad is much more effective than the same brand bought in Egypt.

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