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hi everybody

what do you think about nbd credit card ? is it realy free ? re they really providing the possibility to pay after 6 months for free?
my account is in ADIB and i m thinking about the NBD credit card because ill have some big expenses to do and they seems to be helpful
what do you advice me ?

thanks expat

Credit card companies are not there to help you.  they are there to make money.  if an offer seems to good to be true, then it probably is.  be careful and read the small print fully.  they are all a bunch of crooks.

i thinnk if u pay credit card bill everytime on or before due date then u dont have to worry

Credit card can help you to save money in Dubai as they tie up with many locak stores, brands, food chains and more. So you can avail offers through your credit card and get some discount and rewards of using it which in return you can use to shop.

When I was in Dubai I have used Dubai First credit card. You can check out their website to know more:

Hi newlifeindubai! Credit card can be useful only if it's used in a smart way ... otherwise, all are same!
Just read carefully the billing details, I believe that there will be a cycle for the payment, but it won't start from your last purchase.. this cycle will be running in parallel and you've to clear your bills even if you do the last purchase before a day of your payment cycle!

There are banks and credit card companies which offer "0" annual fee on their cards. The best option is to search online for other banks and cards which might offer better deal compared to the credit card which you require. I came accross one credit card compare website which has some credit cards to compare from.

Your question is not clear. You wish to know whether it is really free. Just by asking a question like that you will not get a clear answer.

As far as I have understood you wish to know whether it is lifetime free. Yes, certain cards. What you should understand by that is that there is no annual fees for the card.

Your second question is whether you can pay after six months. Answer is No.

There is a scheme for you to pay in installments in  3/6/9/12 months if you buy from certain outlets. They will charge a small processing fee (2% may be) You cannot miss a monthly installment payment, if you do you have to pay heavily.

There are other cards like. Mashreq/FGB offering the same offers.

As told by someone in this forum they are not doing a service. They are doing a business.

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hi, nowadays most of the credit card offers are good but they charge high rate of interest if they provide free card with zero interest in the start months. I've heard about even Arab Bank which provides internet credit card for zero interest or annual interest. Don't know how far it works.

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