Horse riding in Jeddah?

Any one know of any stables where I can go horse riding in Jeddah.

I am a single female.

Most Stables in Jeddah are in North East of the city Breman area . Best ones for females are Mutabakani farm and Al Aseel farm . You can call them and take it from there . Mutabakani 02 6695129 - 02 6281527 - 02 6281525 Al Aseel 02 6712964 - 053609630 they both have female trainers some of them are westerners .
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Thank you very much. It is much appreciated.

This is ahmad
about horse riding, you can try out near the sea side.

we do have some hotlrse stable in abhur

you do! then what is the problem again?

about horse riding, you can try out near the sea side.

I wouldn't exactly call that horse riding :):)


Of course not as a sport activity, but rather as a leisure one.


Hello Sinead, I am also looking for a good place to take some horse riding lessons and need a female instructor. Have you already been riding and what is your experience about instructors and horses (well trained and treated).

So, how was your horseriding?

I've been riding horses since a young girl and in saying that, I have much love and respect for horses. Therefore I would not imagine to burden a horse during the summer months. The heat is shocking on us human. Can you imagine what it is like for the horse having to carry someone in this heat? Personally, I only ride from November on-wards, as my concern is for the horse's comfort.

Dear Suzan, thank you for your response. I am at home in Finland at the moment and ride here. I have plans to start riding in Jeddah during the 'winter' months. I visited one stable but was not that pleased and now looking for a new one and would like to here experiences.

There's a barn called al jazeera equestrian center and it's an amazing barn. All horses are very well trained and have good manners. There are women trainers too. I've been going there for about 6-7 years and I haven't found a better stable around here.

The best place for now it's "City horse stable", open google map and search for that name and you gonna find all the details.


Pls members.... write here with any update. Thanks a lot. 😊

Is there anywhere the prices are listed?

khaliemahoney :

Is there anywhere the prices are listed?

The price depends on how many people in a group.. Example: about 120each for group of four.

Any contact no plz ... for horse riding at abhur Jeddah  .... are there female coaches .... even if other than abhur anywhere in Jeddah .... jxk khair

details of some horse back riding clubs in your inbox, pls check

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