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i am planning on moving to roatan in the spring with my family, i have read that you can not bring any car over 6 years nold to the island..... is this true if so i will need to buy a car i would like a pick up truck 2or 4 wheel drive and i am out of the i need a new car phase my car is a 05 and suites me fine  are there older used cars on the island and were would i find one??   looked googled no real search results any answers any one???

The best thing I have found so far down here is a Facebook Group called ´´Roatan Auto Traders´´-

There is always someone posting something on there from cars, to boats and motorcycles. My mother recently bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee throught that page by posting that she was looking to buy, then someone contacted her.

es correcto, las leyes de honduras solo permiten ingreso al pais de vehiculos pick up, con 12 anos de fabricacion o menos y turismos, camionetas, van, etc. con 10 anos de fabricacion o menos. puedes contactarme a mi correo y te explico mejor. luiscastellanos100[at]

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There's also a group on facebook called Roatan Garage Sale that often has vehicles listed, as well as yahoo groups Roatan Living and Living in Roatan that have posts.  The Bay Islands Voice magazine has a classifieds section, but it gets outdated pretty quickly.

woudl you have to buy it on the island, or could you buy one in La Ceiba or San Pedro Sula and bring it over on the ferry? There would be a much wider selection and better prices on the mainland. Tripadvisor has some experts on their forums as well

So this is confirmed that a person cannot bring a vehicle older than 6 years old to the island?  I was considering this but have an '05 Ford Escape that is probably in better shape and has less mileage than a lot of what will be available to buy on the island already

Hi, i have in roatan a very nice Toyota yaris for sale.

Very good conditions.

For further information call my father in west end 00504 96340028

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Can you please post this ad in the Cars for sale in Honduras section please? It might help. :)

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