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hi all my business partner and i are looking at moving to the phillipine to boracay can any of you give us some good advice and what is the easiest way to go about this  i have a british passport and he has a south african one .
we would like to go there initially for 3 months to scout around and look what business we could open  here in south africa we are in the diamond business but i doubt very much that we could do the diamond business there due to the country being so poor so we would have to start something else. thanking you all in advance .

I would advise to keep your business in it's current country (if it's stable) and not to plan on making a substantial income over here...

If it's a matter of just keeping yourself occupied, I would suggest getting a little restaurant/bar on the beach...

I see too many expats here that are disgruntled after running their own businesses here... too many headaches... Just relax, soak in the sun and enjoy the country...

Just my 2 cents but wish you the best on whatever you pursue...


thanks J  thats our idea to open a bar and just oversee its day to day running i had a bar in ibiza so i know the business i dont have any intentions of working to hard !!like you say soaking up the sun and drinking beer .thanks for the advice i know the locals see a white man as a walking A T M machine ha ha

Hello there, you can visit here in our country anytime to go in Boracay. There's nothing wrong investing @ Boracay. We have a small restaurant there and almost all of us have a similar business which is into food. So definitely putting a regae bar with an african influence and music can make your resto bar/ dining perfect for the tourist. Jus so you know we get tourist here
In Boracay more than thousands a day. If you want, I can help you discuss everything and put a share
to your business. Not only in Boracay, but I can also let you see the central city itself in our country :)

yes.. boracay was really nice place :)
i be there last week with my boyfriend perfect for date :)

its more fun in the Philippines.

I think surf shop, tropical cocktail stand, customized swimsuit shop are best options if you wnated to put up a business in Boracay..Don't underestimate the importance of staging your business appropriately. You want your products to look inviting, fresh, accessible and unique. Make sure the business relates to a beach theme or culture that attracts locals and tourists. Goodluck! :)

I think boracay is good place and i think u cant do diamond buseness cos no ve here in other place ve gold but do busness is difficult ,so i know phil ve stay there for 6 months and i ll like stay there too ,and like buseness is depend are much u want investor but restaurant i think is good cos we need eat everywhere ,me working in restaurant so if u need help or partner for buseness is ok

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Hi All, I have plan to start a business in Boracay.  Can anyone give an advice what kind of business approval is required from local authorities and how long it expect to take. Any other information regarding to start a business in Boracay will be useful. My wife holds Philippines passport and hence local person to start a business is not an issue.
I am planning to visit next week to explore the opportunities.
Thanks in advance.

PM. I've just started a business in Boracay

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how was boracay? if you want to do business, you better open up an IT company or back door office. its more profitable than putting up bar or resto here. :D

Im planning to do busniness in Boracay. Im a Filipina living in Spain for 35 years and i now want to live in the philippines again. Any advises please.

What business have u started if I may ask?

Sounds like a big capital needed. Im just a small timer for a start. Can you email me the info anyway please.

How many shops in main shopping street and how much are the rents? Easy to find a shop in these areas? Can you help to find a shop?:)

What do u do may i ask? İ need knowledge about boracay too.

starting a new business in another country is THE MOST DIFFICULT thing to even attempt..
better 2 get jobs in ur own countries then decide what 2 do

Hi several times I have visited to boracay for a small investment. Just needed a shop space but I couldn't find any. It looks all taken but I'm sure some must be aren't happy and they want to sell their business but I don't know how to find them.
Becoz there's no website about business for sale in the philppines or I couldn't find a website like that.
I found several web sites but they have only 10-15 ads for sale.
Anyone show me a way how to find business for sale or shop space ?

The best business opportunity in boracay are hotels, room for rent, or an apartment which is demandable especially in its peak season. Though foreigners can't acquire real property in the philippines, still they can lease a real property. I owned real properties in boracay and the said properties were leased by the foreigners for business purposes. For any inquiries you can leave a message on my viber or whatsap ++++  Or you can reach on my mobile number ++++

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Thank you gonna add your number to my whatsapp phone book..

Hello MarryAnn,

Good day!

My name is Dennison, I am a Filipino. I am planning to put up a personalised items shop there in Boracay. As of the moment, I am doing my business thru online, so far so good. If you dont mind, May I have advise from you as you mentioned you have business there in Boracay. Thanks and I am looking forward to hear something from you.

Hello PK,

Good day!

My name is Dennison, I am a Filipino and I am planning to put up a business also in Boracay. I have the same concerns as yours. If you dont mind, Could you share any information on how to start a business there and the procedures?

Thank you. Looking forward to hear something from you.

If you intend to put up a business in Boracay , it is not easy as you will think ; 
> for small business - look for accounting offices in kalibo , aklan - they will assist you in doing all the paper works from barangay clearance , municipal licenses , business registration and registration with bureau of internal revenue and printing of receipts .
> if  you want to set up a corporation that is based in boracay , you must look for a legal representative to help you go through with SEC formalities in manila annd DTI in kalibo .
do remember that you have already an aggreement with local owners / lessors of the space that you intend to rent . get advice from local business people who run their hotels and restaurants for long time .
products and services that i think  can do well in boracay
> supply of personalised toiletries
> supply of linens ,beddings and accessories
> rentals of outdoor loungers ,mats and umbrellas with UV treatment
> supply of ionizers
> retrofitting the  sink with grinders
> portable heaters
> bed bugs and insect repellants
> fire rated products from doors to fabrics
> waterproof pouches
hope it helps : ) , enjoy your stay in boracay

Hi jrchopper1

Boracay is saturated, expensive and no more free place on the beachfront. I stay 1 to 2 months in Bora every year I know the island better than my hometown. In the late 1980s beachfront cost 1200pesos/m2 at present it starts from 50 thousand/m2 (still reasonable for foreigners) and no more lots for sale on the main beacgfront not unless you go towards Puka Beach, where enormous constructions is going on right now.Try scouting in El NIdo, Palawan beautiful place to invest, lots of tourists and paradisiac Bakwit islands to visit.  Palawan has also  so many beautiful places to offer, the underground river in Sabang, Port Barton and its surrounding small islands, Modessa island a private beautiful small island with fine white sand where you see seahorse without googles nor scuba diving. In the capital Puerto Princesa, the botanical garden is interesting, as well as the puerto princesa museum.


Have you been to Boracay? I did once, but no desire to return. To me, it's way overrated. For one thing, the sun was so hot I had to go underwater to cool off. For another, even though there were a lot of (mostly German)_ tourists all enthused with SCUBA diving right off the beach, I myself never saw even one fish there!-altho I saw many from a boat that went around the island.I myself never understood why crowded places attracted people so much.Personally, I like waves, for surfing and
since there are only a few places in the PI with surf, I would invest there!

Hi  Toby7

I was in Bora March- April for 1 1/2 months this year and will be back Feb-March next year. Scuba diving in Bora is really nothing compared to El Nido, Malapasqua C, north of Cebu (the only place you see the thresher shark), Puerto Galera , Panglao Bohol and others.  Surfers go to Baler, Camiguin and some parts of the north.
I go to Bora to unwind, have a good massage on the coralian beach. I rarely go sunbathing on the main frontbench I go to Ilig-iligan or Puka. I love the sunset in Bora and the happy hour in Bom Bom bar. Love the mocha frappé in Aria.
Hope you find the right place for your projet. Good-luck.

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