looking for a music shop in riyadh KSA that sells Accoustic violins

hi everyone .

i am desperately looking for a shop in riyadh that sells the accoustic ( basic ) violin , i have searched  for a way to order it online but i don't think they ship to KSA ...

plz help me i am really trying hard to master the violin and become a professional violinist ..

Check with Adawliah in Granada Mall. I recall seeing violins there a couple of days back. :unsure

oh .... thank you very much ! 

glad to know that my violin is a road trip away hopefully ..

There's also a shop in Al Faisaliah where I"think" I saw some violins... 3rd floor, near the food court. I believe there's also a store in the capital that's actually a distributor of different musical instruments in KSA: Razaq Ahmed I think... not sure if it's still operating, heard about them a few years back.

Yup best one in faisaliya Tower

agree, faisaliya tower (sp?)
we went yesterday and saw one

KEWL .. !!!

thank you guys so  much !  i gotta go there and check'em out .

can i ask you how much the violin pls reply coz iwant to buy also thnks

salam malaikom can i ask you about the price thank you

try to visit Batha computer market 1st floor u find or olaya aqarya

My violin is from AlDuwaliyah. They have branches in Granada Mall, Alfaisaliyyah, and Al-Aqariyyah. It costs SR 500 and comes with a case, bow, rosin and extra strings.

there is a music market in Haer area, that's where i usually shop for instruments.

thnks guys for info.

thnks for info,,, guys

where is it located I too am looking for a violin


I would want to make discover the violin to my 4-year-old child. What is that among you somebody shall be interested to give to him lessons. 30 min a week. It is especially to teach him bases and especially to like the violin.
Thank you

Hello mariel42,

Do note that here the topic concerns Music shop in Riyadh.
Concerning your request for a music teacher, please post in the appropriate section here : Music Classes in Riyadh. :)

Thank you,


I'm looking for Accoustic Violins or electric Violins! I'm working hard to become a proffesional violinist like my lovely teachers Mrs. Anaheed, Mrs. Huan , and Mrs. Katia. I love you guys so much!  :D So If there are any on sale please let me know! thank you so much!  :top:  :thanks:  :dumbom:  :idontagree:  :lol:


I think that u can find it at Adwaliah for music in Faisaliah tower - 2nd floor

All the best :)

Hi there,
Try my dear granada mall.probably entry 1 .simply before samba bank.Ground  floor at the left side.
Good luck

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There is a shop in al Akaria shopping center called Yamaha. They sell all musical instruments.

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