Al Mubarraz, Abqaiq and Bahrain - A question about location and living

Hello there,

A family member of mine is about to be offered a job by ARAMCO, in one of their offices either in Al Mubarraz or Abqaiq - as he's been told. He is a 55-year-old teacher.

He will need to visit me in Bahrain on a regular basis, sometimes every weekend. And my questions are:
- Would it be possible for him to live in Khobar and commute to Abqaiq / Al Mubarraz? How long would it take to commute?
- Is it easy for him to find a private driver in Saudi Arabia who will take him to / from work and also to / from Bahrain every now and then? Or would he be better off renting a car and do all the commuting himself? He doesn't like driving much but he doesn't hate it.
- Are there any forum members living in Abqaiq / Al Mubarraz - or have been there? What are your thoughts about these places? Do you think he should live close to his work or in Khobar? Why?
- His package is good - I think somewhere between £45 to £55K tax-free inclusive of all the usual. Do you think he can get a decent place to live? Any recommendations in terms of compounds / location?
- Any other bits you believe he should negotiate with his employer before he signs the contract will be much appreciated...

Thanks a million in advance.

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