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Getting ready to go soon to Togo for a fish farming project, I am looking for people in or seeking to emigrate to the realization of this project.


The project presented below relates to the exploitation of the water for a fish Tilapia nilotica using cages.
Such a process is more elaborate than the fish pond which is extensive in nature and is more rustic.
The cage is more intensive and yields may be waiting for you.
The unit chosen in this study is based on floating cages 4m 6m for a water depth of 1.50 m, the cage is anchored about 0.50 m from the water fund.
The food is richer and neat, but cost and very focused on a targeted population. There are approximately 900g of feed for them to mature to 250g 500g Tilapia over a period of 6 months, which allows for two productions per year in a cage.
The operation has about 40 cages covering 920m2. It will produce on average about 32 tons per year. The staff is very small, trained and professional.
Out all activities related to the production and sale will be controlled:
Feeding and growth of fry,
Feeding and growth of juvenile
Control of food, its production and distribution,
Seed production,
Marketing of adult fish
Advertising to the public,
Search for a target population, the plaintiff quality products.
Investments amounted to 25 million CFA francs. A bank loan of 18,750,000 F is expected the participation of promoters were at 6.25 million F CFA.
The operation is profitable investments are recovered in less than 3 years (2.75 years), and the internal rate of return ranging from 37.6%.
The loan will be repaid in five years, leaving a surplus comfortable.
The main sponsor is a master fisherman who comes from France and wishing to convert to an activity that brings more to the community.
In fact the operation can be replicated elsewhere in the country to offer the same benefits to inland cities.
If the operation is very successful, developers propose to encourage the breeding pond wherever it can be done.

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