Looking for Hindi tutorial center/ tutor in Manila


I'm Filipino and would like to learn basic Hindi. If you know someone or a school who's offering Hindi tutorial. Please please share.

Thanks! :)

Hello Luna_25.

Welcome to! :)

The Classes section (Language Classes) in the Manila classifieds might help. You should post an advert there.

You can take a look at this page as well => Language institutions in Manila.

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I too can help if intrested call me

hi, my mom can teach - xxx she's based in magallanes, makati city.


Namaste sanjayh, mera nam ecah he i would like to learn hindi also.. ur mom knows how to speak hindi? i hope she could help me. thanks by the way how much is the fee?

cruzeca :

how much is the fee?

Hey Cruzeca. . if you want to learn hindi for general communication purpose you can use online dictionary for basic words ... once you get the words you can start talking with help of friends no need to pay any fee for that ..

Am Hindi pandit and used to take Balvikas and hindi classes back in India .. during my college days .. lol .. later when we were in muscat tought few kids their hindi subject related tuition ..

If you think u seriously need someone to teach I can be that person .. PM me if u like to know more .. good Luck with learning hindi.

Hi luna_25

Iam also looking for a hindi language tuitor were you able to find one already? Let me know so i could enrol also

Can you teach me hindi

I am from Delhi, India and my native language is Hindi. Please let me know if interested.

hi i am from pune india and and my native language is Hind. i  not a friend i can help u,. i wish to know culture and  learn new language.plz send me message  if u intersted

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