Visa for Pakistani to visit Indonesia and Malaysia

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Hi my name is lia and my question is im a Malaysian n my bf is a Pakistani can u pls advise me how do i sponsor my bf to come to Malaysia because we are planning to get married sooni in Malaysia

Perhaps better to post in the Malaysian section of the forum.

Not sure if visa regulations for Pakistani are same/similar to Indonesia

Malaysian visa is eassy for pakistani as compair to indonesian
For malaysian visa simply you contact embassy fulfill required documents and get
For indonesian visa Pakistan nationality holder need pre approval
Talex visa
Talex will issue Indonesian immigration jakarta u need sponsor who apply gor you talex visa

Seriously is that how it should be done..well then thnxs  :)


Hi Lia, just have him to come in Malaysia with social pass, after nikah and get the nikah cert and you may go to apply a visa for him. However for him to come in Malaysia when he reach at airport he will need the "show money" as the officer at airport is quite strict on this since social visa is mean for traveling. Btw my husband is also from Pakistan.Hope this help. =)

I hold Pakistani passport but live and work in Dubai for 2 generations. i am a computer engineer and passionate kite surfer. visited many countries including spain, UK, Germany, philiipines, thailand for diving and surfing. looking forward to surf in bali indonesia. consolute asked for sponsor in indonesia. called a company visitbali who asked for USD 1500 for sponsorship for a week. wondering if there is any other company who can quote a competitive price for same job.
please advise if you know any!

Try this one...

And good luck!

Hi Every one !
I am Pakistan National and working in Saudi Arabia, and i like to visit Indonesia , please any body help me to guide me how to get Indonesia visit visa thy asking for the invitation letter    could you please guide me about the letter i will appreciate it if some one provide me the simple

you have to apply for the visa at the embassy and you will need a invitation letter from the local counterpart besides other documents. It will need to get approval in Jakarta from the different authorities which can take quite long time.

@ happyhour Thank you very much for your quick replay, I appreciate it. I have friends in Indonesia and thy like to invite me but they don’t know how to invite me and what is the process of the invitation letter. I already called the Indonesia embassy and they say that Pakistani National must to be present the invitation letter from Indonesia , the problem what should be the subject of invitation and is it need to sign form any office in Indonesia  or they just have to address to Indonesia embassy in KSA. :|

hi Happy tour, i am also in same situation as of Ihasan. i have friends in Indonesia but neither me nor my friend know from where to get this letter from jakarta. is there any tourist company in jakarta which can help to get this letter?

I Wana Visit Indonasia but I dnt Have sources but i hope One Day will Find A Way To Search My New g.f ;) Sops.. My Question Is Student visa How I Get And Can I get Job in Indonesia and My Education is Intermediate and I love Indonasian Peoples if U love Us Then Help Me And Send Money to Account Then How I arrives in Seconds Frm Pakistan to Indonasia then You Watch and Shocked Up ;) :D

No degree means pretty much no chance of legal work here.
A holiday visa will mean a sponsor such as a hotel.
A student visa means being offered a place, and that needs cash for tuition fees.

Why do you want people to send money?

You will be blocked here for sure.....

happyhour :

You will be blocked here for sure.....

Less likely.
He just has dreams of travel but doesn't have the cash.
I don't think his request for money was serious, but lack of cash means travel isn't on the cards for him.

Hey everyone ! I hope this message finds you all well. I am planning to visit bali in december but unfortuantely until now i have failed to attain someone who can sponser me for a visit visa for indonesia. I have tried contacting many hotels including 5 star hotels but so far no positive reply. I am looking for someone who can advise me on my situation or help me with the sponsership. Looking forward to any resourceful contact ! Thanks

Me and my husband want to visit Indonesia for tourism but were told to get a "Calling Visa'. we have absolutely no one in Indonesia, so how do we get that? any help would be much appreciated!Thanks!

Perhaps Google calling visas Indonesia

Hello yunita nice to meet you :-)
Am Marya from Indonesia, we have same problem to marry pakistani man have..
Did you get marriage with him now?
If yes , can you help me pls how step to do marriage with pakistani man, and how to get visa..

Thanks :-)
Best regards
Marya :-)

Hello Marya.
We already married in 2014.
I am so grateful that we don't have any trouble of visa application & married documentation submissions.
Hopefully your process also runs very well and happy.

Ahh am so happy to hear that, congratulation yunita :-)
And thank u so much
But I need your help dear, can you tell me step by step what I do and what he must to do..
Very very thanks again dear :-)

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