Just an add:

My mother, french, as been married two times in france with 2 french men.
the 1st one was drinking and hitting her
the 2nd one has been exploiting her money for many years...

Conclusion? Egyptian or non egyptian, it depends about the man or the woman you marry.
But yes, it is more difficult when you are married with a person from another nationality and culture, and also in another country...

God helps you,

XB23:  Probably I just won't worry about it.  I am sure he will marry again and doesn't need the divorce to do so.  I will not marry again but just want to forget it all and know in my heart that I am no longer his wife.  The visa will proceed; he is now just waiting for the interview at the embassy, everything else has been approved.  He can take it or leave it as he wishes, it doesn't make any difference to me now.  Nothing really makes much difference to me now; I wasted so very much time loving someone that i am sure never loved me. 

I wish you the best of luck and much happiness.

My love you can cancel his visa application by contacting the embassy and letting them know the situation. Don't let the visa proceed and give him what he wants.

Also he can only get the visa if your marriage was genuine, I am sure that with only an Orfi marriage they will refuse him.

Hi u still in Egypt ??  I am sorry to heard what he did with u 😳 look I live in Cairo if u want speak with somebody I am here and and we can be friends 🌷

foolishfoolishgirl :

XB23:  Probably I just won't worry about it.  I am sure he will marry again and doesn't need the divorce to do so.  I will not marry again but just want to forget it all and know in my heart that I am no longer his wife.  The visa will proceed; he is now just waiting for the interview at the embassy, everything else has been approved.  He can take it or leave it as he wishes, it doesn't make any difference to me now.  Nothing really makes much difference to me now; I wasted so very much time loving someone that i am sure never loved me. 

I wish you the best of luck and much happiness.


Actually it will make a difference to you as his sponsor. If you indeed want to forget about it all, then it's very important that you cancel the visa as soon as possible. Informing them of the situation. I assume in the US it's similar to the UK, and that the sponsor is responsible to maintain them financially, and that if they claim any government support, that you will have to pay it all back. Once he's in, you will certainly only have more problems. So it's necessary you cancel the process, otherwise you may never be able to forget about it if he does arrive, as you're responsible for his well-being financially. I'm sure you can do without that. And I thought the interview must only take place with you there, confirming your intentions. Regardless, you need to cancel this in order to move on. Please do so as a matter of urgency. This was the first thing I did. I contacted immigration, and let them know everything, that I'm nor longer willing to sponsor her, and the relationship has ended, along with the reason why (in the hope they keep note of it for future reference).

Good luck

Yes.. As stated before.. you can write the embassy and let them know that you will be filing for divorce and you no longer would like to sponsor his visa to the USA.  They should take that into account and that should go a LONG way with whether or not they approve him.  The US Embassy in Egypt is a SUPER tough consulate and you saying you're going to divorce should weigh heavily on their decision to approve his visa or not. 

Also, depending on where you live, (I live in Los Angeles) check where the nearest Egyptian Consulate is near you.  See if you can make an appointment to file for divorce there.  They should be able to help you through the process. 

Best of luck and I hope everything works out for you.

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I Know égyptian lawyer can do it ....

Thank you so very much; this hadn't occurred to me~

Thank you for taking the time to write and let me of you experience; I appreciate it more than you know.

Hello Mido, Please feel free to message me his contact information if you don't mind~

Yes *************** .Osama khider

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I am in the same situation and
it has been since 2008

Aslmalkm , every one .
      I'm from China , facing same divorce probelm same as other sisters story written above .
    But there is few differences are that our marriage certificate was registered officially at civil affairs department in China 7 years ago .
      And now due to large amount of ongoing argument ( every time shouting with extremely loud voice for any small things ) , and bad abusing words ,

now is increased to level that he threaten me by my 2 kids ( both their nationality is Chinese ) , he hide their passport and chinese ID every paper that related to them .
His threat is that if I want go or want divorce I can go , but not take any of my kids ( daughter 6 years and son is just 3 year old )
In conclusion is deep inside he doesn't wanna divorce but I can't live with ongoing abusing and judgmental person .( basic of our deen Islam is about live in peace and respect ,at least live Islamic life style at ur own home )

So I'm the one insist On divorce , but I want full custody of my both kids ( at bad bad result I take my daughter ) , no need any thing other from him .
Please some one could help me now how and where to do it with peace and quick way .

I was married in egypt in the ministry of justice my husband is egyptian and i am australian can my husband divorce me without my knowing or would i be notified thank you


The formal procedures include to get notified via your embassy, and civil records are updated here for your husband marital status.

I had the same thoughts
There's lots going on with most of the egyptian men that is sickining me really

It is easy.  You don't Evan need a lawyer in the uk or Egypt.  You go to the British courts.  Ask for divorce papers tell them he lives aboard.  Get your marriage document translated fill in papers send in original marriage document and translated document.  On the marriage document there will be an address given by your husband.  Use this as a contact address.  The British courts will send divorce request to that address for him to sign.  If they are returned unsigned not a problem makes it Evan easy.  You then have to get more papers which you get yourself from the British courts.  Fill in sign.  If your reason for divorce is valid your divorce will be granted.  Or you can use abandonment.  The worst thing that can happen is wait one to two years. But in my case no wait needed.  Then do the absolute then you are legally divorced. If you are a Cristian you don't have to do a Muslim divorce as well but if your Muslim then you also do a Muslim divorce in the uk.  You can do this through the Muslim council.  Very easy.  They are well aware of these cheap Egyptian men.  Believe me I went to the Muslim council and they told me a lot about these men.  If you wanted to travel to Egypt in the future that's easy to.  Just go to the Egyptian embassy with your British divorce papers and marriage documents etc.  They will give you an Egyptian divorce.  It's easy as that.   Don't ask on here ask the courts they have the real and honest answers.  It's all very easy.   Plus if you do it yourself you have no lawyers to pay. Just court fees which are cheap.   So don't worry.  All I tell you is fact.  Done it myself.  And while your at it.  Pass on details to other embassy's so they are aware of him and he will be black listed from entering there countries.  Plus it protects other woman from these low life scum who really at the end of the day are just hookers . Best of luck

He's your Ex for a reason.  I'd not trust him to give him a dime!  I'd not even agree to write a check out to the Company processing the paperwork - never - not even to a person - both might be his friend agreeing to do this favor - who'll bank then give it to him the cash once it's cleared.  Buyer B Aware...,!    I'd seek legal advice.   If never lived together then Maybe you could get a Marriage Annulment which isn't costly like a Divorce.  Go get religious advise - even if you don't follow any denomination / affiliation. . They can still look at papers and advise you.  Or take to legal adviser.  Free legal is often included on your Insurance Policy?

As I keep saying. It's simple, if your marriage is recognised in your home country then all you do is go to your court in your own country get divorce papers fill them in get your marriage document translated and stamp sent all copies to the court with completed divorce papers and your divorce will be done ,   Really it's so simple.  You don't need a lawyer or advice from a lawyer they are all the same just want money for something you can do yourself,  all your doing is getting rid of the middle man and are dealing with the court direct .  Once you recieve your divorce email it to the Egyptian embassy , Simple simple simple if you happen to of turned Muslim that's simple to.  Just contact your local Muslim council and they will do a Muslim divorce to.  If your not Muslim just do the one divorce,   If you want legal advice pick up the phone speak with the court from your home land.  Forget lawyers.  It simple simpl, pass on info.  So many woman feel trapped by these marriages.  But in the west the woman is free to divorce,   Worst case is you might have to wait as your free to divorce if you have been separated  for over a certain amount of time    Really it's that simple, then when you recieve your divorce email the Egyptian embassy then they get black listed,   It all goes against them.  The jokes on them not you, plus it's recorded for other embassy's if he tries to marry again a western woman. The embassy's or not stupid to marriage fraud, I would also like to add.  If you have recieved any threats from your Egyptian partner such as photos etc which seems to be popular with Egyptian men, simple report to the police.  The police will give you a crime number or reference number of the report as it has become a legal matter and is against the law,  this number you recieve from the police you pass onto the embassy of your homeland , if more threats come inform the police give the number to them and the update the crime or offence which is updated for the embassy to,  so when these men try to apply for a visa they cannot get one as they are registered for committing a crime, when it comes to marriage the embassy do checks to see if they have been married before.  The crime will be at the embassy they check from the previous marriage.  These men are fools.  They just keep digging dirty black holes for them selfs just use common sense and turn the cards and play them at there own game.  They've got more to loose than you and that's a visa and money

If you need a lawyer ould be happy to help you !

Best regard

Can I ask your husbands name please as it sounds like someone I'm with

regrettable stories ...

Hi I'm Australian and want to divorce my Egyptian husband who lives in Egypt,  I was married in the Egyptian ministry Cairo , I want to remarry  please can anyone help me.

Does anyone have information on how i would put a publication of divorce in the Cairo newspaper. I do not speak Arabic and have no idea about how i can get this done. I live in America. My judge here at my family court said he will divorce me from my husband. But i must either serve my husband papers and he signs on which he refuses or i can put a publication in newspapers over there and then he will finalize a divorce. Whether my husband likes it or not. Then i have egyptian embassy here clear it with egyptian government. I am and will not come back to Egypt to file for divorce. It will be too dangerous for me as my husband is very angry i canceled his visa papers. He will i am sure come up with many lies and fake witnesses to get me arrested. So please no one inbox me and say oh come back here. No its not an option. I should not have to go through that for a person who just wanted to travel and when he got caught using me for papers has threatened my life and will i repeat will lie on me because he got caught for trying to scam me. We have been married almost 4 yrs and only spent 40 days in person. I found him out after a year and half after the marriage when i didnt get his papers done as fast as he liked. I fell on hard times hear in America. To be honest sometimes God puts us in situitions to save us from the evil we dont see. Trust me i am thankful for those hard times cause it saved me alot of humilation and probably saved my life considering he threatened to burn me alive if i wore a specific shirt. Trust me it wasnt even close to being a slut shirt either. It covered my chest it just showed my arms
I mean here in america its normal to wear since it was 100 degree weather here. I am very cadual to dress and dont dress like the whore he called me. Lol its funny though he talks to meth head lookinh real slut types on his fb claiming single as he criee to them about the bitch me he tried to help. I wish i had seen this before i married him. I wanted to marry a man not a whiny weak loser ..sorry i am fed up please can someone give me any answers. I mean real straight answers to how i can get out of this. Step by step direction.

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