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Hi all, we have. Some friends coming to Mauritius in January to decide if they would like to live here.  They want to look at different parts of the island and are available to house / animal sit for 1 week or up to 2 months.  They are professional retirees and very responsible.  We have done some house sitting and have had left our house and pets in the hands of house sitters and find it a really great way to go when we are on holidays. 

I understand this could be posted in the classifieds but I really don't think any categories (including accommodation or jobs) are suitable for this.  Please feel free to PM me if you might need a house sitter.

Hello HeyJude.

It goes into the Jobs in Mauritius (Personal and Household services) section. You can post your advert there. ;)

Thank you,

hi is this a part time job

Sorry this is not a job and is why I am reluctant to post in the jobs section.  These people are looking to house sit which means they will look after your home, garden, pool and animals free of charge while you are away in return for free accommodation. It is very common in Europe and America to do this when you go on holidays and do not want to leave your home empty.

Hi Hey Jude (or is it just plain Jude???) - did you have any luck finding your friends a place?

We are in the opposite position - we are looking for reliable and honest house, garden, and cat sitters for two weeks in April for our house in Trou aux Biches.

Would hate to come back and find the place wrecked or empty!
Regards, Veronique

Hi Veronique, our friends are set for now thanks but I will let you know if I hear of anyone else.  We have very luckily had the same house sitter for a  month or more every year for the last 3 years, they come to Mauritius on holiday and stay at our house whilst we go on holidays.  Try googling "House Sitters" you will find a number of websites that put people together.

I found our house sitter through an international website and treated all the applicants as though they were applying for a job, I culled from the email responses, then asked the rest to answer a number of questions via email, from there I short listed and then did telephone interviews and conducted reference checks before making my decisions.  I was very thorough and we were very lucky to find fantastic house sitters who look after our home and really love our animals.

Good luck.

Thanks - will definitely try that.

Hi again - just want to say a very big thank you for your advice - found a great girl from the US which will enable us to have a worry-free time back in Australia.

Thanks again


Glad you found someone Veronique, biggest hurdle with international house sitters coming to Mauritius is the expensive airfares so it it great you were able to find someone so quickly.  As previously mentioned our house sitters have been three times and have become our friends and they love our dogs and cats.  It is such a relief to know our animals and our house are in good hands whilst we are away and we don't worry for a second.  I am not sure they will be able to come again this year so we might be looking again.

What part of Australia are you from?

We're from Perth - been here 5 years and it's only the second time we'll have been back! It's my mum's 70th, and family from all over the place are getting together. Haven't seen my two aunts who live in Tassie since our wedding which was almost 15 years ago! Can't wait!

How exciting, we left Australia 7 years ago, been in Mauritius almost 6, my husband is from Perth and I am originally from Queensland. We went to Canberra last November for a family occasion and I saw relatives I had not seen in almost 20 years, it was fantastic.

Enjoy! perhaps we can meet up for a coffee or a drink sometime?



That'd be great - I'll send my contact details to your inbox.

Might have to be in a couple of weeks though, as I'm still recovering from what I think was a mild case of chikungunya, and so am lazing around the house a fair bit!

Meanwhile, I've just transferred details of a blog I started a couple of months ago into the blog section of this site - it's called My Mauritian Garden - you might get a bit of a laugh from it.



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