Is possible to get an Iqama while on a visit visa?


I am from India. I got an offer from a company in Riyadh.Initially they told me that they would send me on a visit visa to KSA which would be valid for 1 month. In the mean time the company back in India would get the degree attestations and other document work completed (which takes time in India). When all documnetation is ready I would be required to travel back to India and then get a work visa stamped on my passport and the med check up done. Then I would have to travel again to KSA and the company would apply for an Iqama.

Right now I am on the visit visa and have completed 15 days styay here. The company has taken my passport, saying they are trying to apply Iqama from here itself(ie Riyadh,KSA). The HR says that medical can be completed in KSA itself.

I want to know if it is possible to get an Iqama while on a visit visa? Or is a work visa compulsory for applying Iqama.

Also is it ok to have the medical check up done in Riyadh itself ? Or I would have to travel back to India for that.

Is it possible to convert my visit visa to a work visa in KSA itself, without me going back to India ?

Visiting its a temporary valid visa and its impossible to obtain iqama. Resident work permit you will get once your under employer sponsorship.

Most of the employer hire and keep extending till 9 months. IF they wish they will get you back same on visiting visa or under Resident work permit


It depends on the visit visa type if your Visa is work vist (ziyara Amal) then your employeer can start the iqama process.


1. You have to pay conversion fee 2000 SR to change work visit visa to Perm. Work visa.
Will be through SADDAD and by your border number on your passport. Select issue new Iqama option and you'll find all the details about payments.

after that it will be same as new Iqama issuing process.

Can you please suggest whether you manage to convert the Work Visit VISA to Iqama ?

Welcome Dear!

I came here almost 9 years ago on visit visa.My profession was training consultant and all my certificates/degrees were already attested from Saudi Embassy of my country--I came on visit visa for a month like you and continued extension up to 5 months-During this time my Company applied to convert my visit visa into working visa and issuance of   Iqama-After 5 months my employer received letter from MOI(Jawazat) for submission of medical test report for the issuance of Iqama- I had submitted medical certificate and got my Iqama with in a week after.This happen rarely ,usually employer give you visa and ask you to go back and get visa stamped from your home country-               
                                                        Goodluck n hope for the best

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