Looking for a beginner Squash partner.

hey all,

I am looking for someone at beginner level to play squash twice a week with me at oshwal sports complex. I am being coached currently for the last six months so wanna try competitive now.


one of my friend plays squash every evening in ken jen apartments near nairobi museum. if you are interested do let me know i will send his contact number to you. they have few people who play squash everyday.

Thanks suribhai..... I have now found three new partners to play squash. Thanks again.


i know this is an old post ... but am looking for someone to play squash with .... around the Westlands area would be perfect.    I haven't played in a while - am an average or maybe even below average player.   If anyone's keen to play squash, let me know and we can figure out where to play.

Hey sure, I play at parklands sports club. do let me know when you wanna play , we are also currently in process of organising a tournament soon. So keep me posted on your details.


I am very interested in finding partners to play squash with. Haven't played in a while, but I'm sure I will be able to get back into it very quickly! Would anyone be interested? Thanks.


hi did you find one?
If not and u search  contact me.!!

Hello :cheers:

To reach out to sports partners, please drop an advert in this following section;

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